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Dear Seasoned, Sensuous Woman: We’re not getting older, we’re getting started! Get a second wind! We sizzle differently, now. Come, join the new zestiness! Live your life unfettered and with new gusto. Remove blocks from the past and move forward boldly in that new relationship! Revive passion. Deepen your intimacy. Use every one of your 5 senses to inhale life. Redefine how you make love. Embrace your new body image (or just learn how to work with it!). Re-invigorate your luscious self – and be the unique, beautiful, wise, juicy woman you are – however you want to define it. Our seasoned sexuality is much deeper than bedroom sex, and ultimately more beautiful! Whether you are single or partnered, looking or committed, rich or poor – let's own it - in everything we do. Don’t sit on the sidelines! Here’s a toast to many years of radiating confidence and vitality. Start today ... right now! ... with a myriad of new possibilities for you.

Katherine (“Kat”) Forsythe, MSW

About Katherine Forsythe

You’re not getting older, you’re getting started! Own it! Yes, you can, of course you can!
… mantras to my clients, workshop attendees, and webinar participants.

My passion is to remind women that we are luscious, lively, and sexy at any age! What do you need to do to reclaim your juicy, vital, beautiful self? Good news! You and I can be the delicious women we want to be - living a bigger, bolder, sexier life – on our own unique terms!

Through my coaching, seminars, and workshops  - online and in person – we deal with all those personal challenges of “age gain” – body image, relationships, intimacy issues, overcoming voices from the past. I’ve been working with magnificent women for 20 years – inspiring and overcoming the challenges of aging bodies – and feeling the exhilaration of confidence again.

There are tasty, secret ingredients to staying vital, buoyant, beautiful, and empowered  - and enjoying your zesty womanhood for the rest of your life. What’s holding you back? Are you hating your body and wondering how to adorn a body that has betrayed you? Experiencing fitting room fright? Feeling massively insecure about how to date, again? Wondering what men are looking for at our age? In a flat relationship that you’d love to ignite? Need to hit the “delete” button on the traditional “wisdom”, guilt, or responsibility that holds you back, left over from your childhood? Would love to know how to spice up your bedroom intimacy with a new partner or long term spouse?  Want to know how other women are successfully and magnificently showing up in the world as stunning, magnificent women - women who project a fullness and comfort in their own skin about themselves? My work on your behalf is to guide you to dispel the fear and negativity – and rediscover, reclaim and re-ignite your sexiness and deliciousness as a woman. I can take you to new possibilities that make you feel absolutely wonderful about being a woman at this time in your life.

My mission is to say “Enough is enough”. Let’s laugh, share, and explore together! As your guide, friend and coach at Get A Second Wind – I'm dedicated to empowering you to re-define and re-energize how you show up as a woman in this world at this exciting moment in our lives.

It’s not easy to get past the downsides of “age gain”. The bad news can get you down, if you let it. It’s not always easy to see ourselves as attractive, energized, and desirable, with the tsunami of change in our lives – especially our intimate private lives. The biggest downer of all? Every woman tells me the same thing. It’s Body betrayal. Looking like our mother gets harder and harder to ignore. Jowls bump out. Necks take on a chicken like appearance or disappear altogether. Eyes droop. Breasts hang down. Lubrication dries up. A search to overcome family DNA is a full time job. Not to mention the other usual suspects of midlife change: Children leave. Divorces happen. Spouses die. Friends move away. Dating after all those years begins. Bedroom delights become routine or disappear altogether. Careers end. Parents are gone. Marriages slip into quiet desperation – where did your lover go? You’d like your partner-as-lover back.

We feel disqualified from being sexy and appealing. Furthermore, it’s “game on” for our critical selves (already active from our earliest days of adolescence) to have a heyday!

Tell the voices of doubt to take a hike! The excitement of a new beginning is all out there for you. I’ll give you the skill set to discover and delight yourself with new possibilities. Together, we’ll unveil the insights and secret ingredients to empower you to feel your full strength, confidence, and beauty, again.  My specialty is to get us laughing and talking about all the changes and possibilities for us at midlife and beyond.
In my new book, Sexperienced: Guide for the Seasoned Woman Seeking New Possibilities, I share remarkable stories from seasoned women at my Sex on the Porch series and delicious new possibilities in intimacy and understanding relationships (and men!) in the second half of life.
Don’t sit on the sidelines! Join me in the zestiness in life – for the rest of your life!
Visit www.getasecondwind.com for events, blog, newsletter and more.
I look forward to hearing from you! ... Own it! Kat Forsythe, MSW

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