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I'm so glad you've found me. It can be hard to reach out for help and support, especially when you're used to being the one who gives that to others. Taking the risk to be vulnerable and face change is scary, but I promise it is worth it - you are worth it.

I believe that every woman deserves to have a safe, confidential and accepting place to focus on and care for herself. Women often focus their energy on taking care of everyone else, which can leave them feeling lost and alone. In therapy I can help you to find balance in your life while learning skills to cope with daily stressors.

I specialize in women's support, providing individual, group and couples therapy for teens and adults. I know that every woman is capable of making choices to find personal fulfillment. I also specialize in Sex Therapy, helping individuals and couples rediscover intimacy and overcome obstacles in this delicate area of life.

My work since recieving my Masters in Professional Counseling has been focused on women of all walks of life. From work in not-for-profit organizations like the YWCA and in a residential facility for girls with behavioral issues to my work in private practice, I have discovered that we all share a core that needs to be validated and supported. 

One of my favorite moments as a therapist is when I discover that a client has taken the work that we have done together and shared it with a friend - thereby allowing me to influence a community outside of my office. This expands then into a love of sharing my knowledge to educate other therapists through workshops and public speaking to improve the quality of services available to the therapeutic community.

My approach is one that involves a number of interventions, depending on the individual situation. Some of these approaches may include psycho-education, stress management, communication skills, emotion regulation and relaxation techniques.

Together we can find ways to help you to cast aside those overwhelming and debilitating feelings that can make life feel so difficult. You are a unique and special individual who deserves to take some time to grow. Let me help you to reach that confident and empowered place within yourself.

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