Older Women - Can They Still Have 'It'?

Older Women - Can They Still Have 'It'?

Sexiness is an elusive thing. Ask one person what they think is sexy and they'll tell you muscular arms, ask another and they'll tell you a sense of humor. Rarely do people think about age as being sexy. But there's no reason it can't be.

These days women are taking better and better care of themselves. Pilates, Yoga, health-consciousness, hair dye, even plastic surgery – these are just a few of the things we have these days that allow us to appear to age slower. They are also some of the things that allow women who once would have been delegated to the back of the room as being too old to be brought up to the front and put on display as examples of how age truly is just a number.

I have many women over the age of 50 asking me if they are being foolish by still wearing fashionable and even form-fitting clothes, or for wanting to go dancing with their friends. They describe other women and even men criticizing them for not acting their age.

The truth is that just because you are of a certain age does not mean you should be put out to pasture. If you have the energy to dance, why shouldn't you dance? If you have a rockin' body why shouldn't you be allowed to dress it in a flattering manner? Would you tell Susan Sarandon or Helen Mirren to pack it in just because they're in their 60's? I certainly hope not. Keep reading...

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