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The Trick To Preventing Infidelity In Your Relationship

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It's a sad fact that a lot of relationships end with one or both partners having an affair. Usually, either the affair is discovered by the other partner, and he/she angrily ends the relationship, or the person having the affair announces he/she is done with the relationship, with or without ever acknowledging the illicit relationship.

When a marriage or any romantic relationship sours, an affair is a painful yet convenient way to escape. It's easy to blame the affair, blame the person the affair was with or basically blame everything except the real problem: that someone's needs were not being met, so that person found a way to have them met elsewhere.

If you want to avoid the affair trap, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you are not getting from your spouse. Is it physical affection? Validation of your emotions? Acknowledgement of the things that bother you? Feeling prioritized? Feeling respected?

Once you sort that out for yourself, go to your spouse and ask him for it. Here's how:

  1. Explain the situation in a non-emotional way;
  2. Describe how it impacts you emotionally;
  3. Ask him to meet that need in a very specific way; and
  4. Ask him if this is something he is willing to do for you. Keep reading ...

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