The Simple Way To Get What You Really Want Out Of Life

Your new motto should be "ask and I shall receive."


Has anyone ever told you to get what you want you just have to ask for it? The idea that you can just say "Hey, Universe. I want a million dollars!" and it will magically appear? I know I have heard this over and over again in my life. I do believe there is an element of truth to this. To get what you want you have to first ask for it. However, what I have also discovered is that this doesn't work on its own. In order to create what we want in our lives we have to ask and, at the same time, take action.


We have to put ourselves out there so the opportunities waiting can find us. The two really do go hand in hand. Without one or the other, we will either stay stuck or end up somewhere we don't really want to be. From my own experience of creating what I truly desire in my own life, here are three lessons that I have learned:

Lesson #1 Know What You Want
Have you ever had the feeling that you know something needs to change in your life? You would make the change if only you knew what it was you wanted to change. This is a common scenario that can keep us stuck in a job, a relationship, or other situation that no longer fits well in our lives. If we don't know what it is we want, we won't know what to ask for. As a result we have no idea what action to take so we stay stuck.


Take time to discover what it is you really want. What do you most want to change? If you say your job, then think about what it is about your job you want to change. If it were more time with your kids, what would that look like in your life? You may not have an exact answer; however, some idea of what you do want will help you to start asking for the right things and take action in the direction you want to head.

Lesson #2 Learn To Ask For What You Want
This has probably been my biggest lesson and struggle — asking for what I want. It is a common challenge faced by woman both in their lives and their work. We feel uncomfortable stating our desires or needs to others. We are so focused on taking care of others so we forget about ourselves. Or worse, we feel like asking "who am I" to ask for this.

Get comfortable with asking. And I don't just mean the Universe or God. Get comfortable with asking people. Your boss. Your husband. Your friend. Your kids. Share with them what you want, why you want it and your plan for getting making it happen. When people know why your asking for something and your plan on how that will happen they are more likely to help you achieve what it is you desire.

Lesson #3 Be Flexible & Don't Give Up
The final lesson I have learned is that you don't always end up where you thought you wanted to be. Flexibility and perseverance are two of the keys to getting what you want. As we take action sometimes we head exactly where we imagined. Other times we get diverted along the way.


For example, maybe our boss says no to our request for more flexible working hours. However, a month later a new position becomes available at another company that is perfect for creating more of what you want. If your boss had said yes you may never have noticed this new opportunity. Trust in the process. Know that if you combine asking for what you want with taking action you will eventually have to end up somewhere else then where you are right now.

It might not be exactly what you imagine but when that happens, it is often even better.

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