How To Seduce A Man

The reason a man falls in love is how you make him feel about himself.


What I mean by seduction is not to strip off his clothes and jump him. Rather, it’s the subtle dance of love that is so delicious. It’s this dance that can cause a man to fall in love with you and know he’s found the woman of his dreams.There’s a reason the call it the ‘art of seduction.’
The reason a man falls in love is how you make him feel about himself. He wants to enjoy being a man. Part of that is having to work to earn your attention, your affection, then your love. If you think seduction means to fall into bed and give yourself to him without any effort on his part, you’re probably not having much luck finding a man with which to build a long term relationship.
To seduce him, let him know:
How amazing he makes you feel,
How good it feels to be with him,
How beautiful, womanly, sexy–if it fits–he makes you feel,
You noticed that he’s smart, strong, whatever he likes about himself,
How safe and protect he makes you feel,
What an amazing kisser he is,
How he makes you weak in the knees…
These types of things will make him feel ten feet tall. But they need to be sincere, and appropriate for what is going on. Basically, simply pay attention, and when he does something, let him know how it makes you feel.
Be appreciative when he calls, be happy to see him, be grateful for the plans he makes to take you out, show you a good time, treat you special… These are the ways a woman seduces a man. When you do these things naturally, you will have well developed Feminine Grace (which I introduce in Men Made Easy), and that is what men are drawn to, and never want to lose.
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From my heart to yours,

Kara Oh

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