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About Judith Pinto

I am an emotionally focused parenting coach with intensive training in working with and managing emotions, solution focused problem solving, and NeuroMeditation.  My parent coaching services and educational programs integrate a rich understanding of the importance of emotions and relationships.

Over the years, I have worked as a mental health specialist with children with disabilities. In that time, I've also raised my own "emotionally sensitive" child, been a committed guardian to a menagerie of furry and feathery babies, learned a great deal more about healthy parent-child relationships and worked through my own experiences of grief and loss. I have also had the privilege of journeying with hundreds of courageous families as they worked to heal and grow through especially challenging times, raising children with special needs. The culmination of those experiences shape who I have become and how I see my role as a parent coach- a companion, a witness, and a fellow traveller on the scenic, winding trail that is life. I just happen to have a few extra tools in my backpack along with the collective perspectives, experiences and wisdom of the many families I have had the privilege of journeying with over the decades. This gives me a more detailed map of the terrain and allows me to be a better trail guide for those I serve.

My maps are based in the wisdom of emotions, a value for meaningful relationships, and neuroscience research that connects the dots between emotions and relationships.  I offer them in an integrated way, through purposeful coaching conversations and playful, creative learning activities, with a deep respect and empathy for the unique histories, cultures, needs and perspectives that each individual parent-child relationship brings. The focus of my practice with parents with children of any age is to support them to develop and follow their skills in working with emotions - their own and their children's - so that they can nurture truly loving connections, ones in which their children truly feel loved.

Through online classes and individual or small group coachings, I help parents master key parenting skills to help kids learn to manage difficult emotions, problem solve and get on with doing what needs to doing with confidence and ease.

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