4 Easy Ways To Make More Money For Your Business

Create more ease and freedom in your life and business.

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Figuring out how to run a business and how to make money along the way is not always easy because you can never predict success.

When it comes to creating more ease and freedom in your life, we can all agree that money plays a huge part in making that happen.  

One of my core beliefs as a coach and mentor is that you deserve to be well paid for your time and energy, you have the right to design a life and business that works for you, and that the things that are normal for you can be life-changing for your clients and customers when they are packaged and promoted effectively.


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A big part of the work I do with my private clients is working on their money mindset and providing business tips and strategies. We look at ways to step even deeper into ease, abundance, and prosperity.


Each session is customized to their unique situation and goals and we map out how they can help their clients in a bigger way, make more money, and have more time for the things that they love to do. 

There's no such thing as easy money but you can make money fast and easy if you change the way you approach your business. 

If you've been in business for a while and feel like it's time to level up your money mindset and upgrade your income, you can start anytime.

Here are 4 ways to make money and run a business more easily.

1. Give yourself a raise 

When was the last time you gave yourself a raise? Raise your rates at least once or twice a year to get comfortable with regularly up-leveling and always take a look at your services and up level them as well, instead of just raising the price.


Look at how you can help your clients and customers in an even deeper way with what you are offering 

Choose to let making good money be easy for you by giving up the idea that making good money has to be a hard, long struggle.

Choose to embrace the belief that making great money in your business while helping people can be easy and enjoyable for you. 

2. Create multiple income streams to serve your clients in a bigger way

One of the best ways to really up-level your money mindset is to give yourself multiple income streams in your business. 

Whatever service you offer and however you help your clients, there will be a number of different income streams that you can add to what you are currently doing to help your clients in a deeper way and leverage your time and income.


Thinking bigger for yourself is a key to up-leveling your mindset and creating more ease, what does thinking bigger mean for you right now?

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3. Have high-value materials ready to send

Part of creating more ease and abundance in your life is doing exactly that…making it easy!

Take a look at your current business set up and look at where you can make things even easier for yourself and your clients. 

Do you have your materials ready to send if someone wants to purchase them? Are your client documents up to date and easy to find on your laptop? I suggest creating a specific folder for this.


Take a look at how you can make things easier for your self and even smoother for your clients and customers.

4. Make money from your smartphone

I’ve done client sessions and hosted classes using just my smartphone when traveling. In fact, I do most of my work on the go. 

All you need is an app like Skype to do client sessions and an e-mail in your inbox that has links to your products and programs that you can easily send to people if they want to buy them.


I want to really encourage you to up-level your money mindset and think about creating more ease and freedom in your life and business. 

You can literally make money while traveling or on the go, so always make sure that you're prepared to receive payment, sign up clients and service clients. 

Imagine sitting by the pool and making money using just your smartphone while knowing you are giving your clients a high-value experience, it really can be done once you have the basics in place. 

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Joseph James is a business mentor and income coach who focuses on mindset work with practical next steps, advice, and strategy to help clients make changes that are meaningful for them. You can learn more about creating multiple income streams in your lifestyle business in his program 33 income streams for your lifestyle business.