You're NOT Lazy Just Because You're Fat

Do you think you're lazy because you say you want to lose weight but fail?


If you're like most, you equate being fat with being lazy. You tell yourself, "I'm lazy because I say that I want to lose weight but I don't do anything about it!"

Looking at it from another angle, men are action-oriented so when they see an overweight woman (especially when online dating) they commonly think, "She must be lazy, why doesn't she just get off her butt and start running?" They think that being overweight is a problem easily solved with action (i.e.: running).


As a permanent weight loss coach I realize that these thoughts sound very negative but they are what the general population thinks, like it or not. I'm not saying that these thoughts are good or bad; they are simply thoughts out in mass consciousness, thought by those who aren't aware of how behaviors "work" and that mindset is 90% of the problem for the obese and overweight who are struggling today. These folks are judging themselves and others without understanding that a lack of action to live healthy and fit does not equal laziness.

What "Being Lazy" Really Means:

When you think to yourself that you are lazy because you're overweight, overeating, or just plain fat, you are mislabeling what the real problem is. You see, laziness is a sign of misalignment within your Inner Self and misalignment equals struggle. What misalignment means in basic terms is that you have a part of yourself that clearly does want to lose weight (otherwise you wouldn't call yourself lazy for not doing it), and you have another part of yourself that does not want to do what it takes to lose weight and get fit.


This does not mean that you are lazy. It just means that you are living in struggle and that you have an internal battle waging inside of you! It also means that until you heal that struggle within your Inner Self, it will continue to appear that you are lazy because you aren’t taking action to live a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that you are not lazy, you simply have not done the work to heal and release your internal struggle.

Healing the root of your struggles to lose weight is the most important step of struggle-free weight loss, and it's the step that hardly anyone speaks about. Mainly, you hear only about 10 percent of the solution for your overweight and overeating, which is diet and exercise. Unfortunately, a healthy diet and exercise plan doesn't do squat for you when you are battling fat on the inside. 

Heal The Root To Achieve Struggle-Free Weight Loss:

Once you address your unresolved, internal battles, heal the root of them, and use daily tools to maintain your mindset (this is the only thing you can control in life!) then it will be easy and fun for you to lose weight and maintain it for life. A coaching client I'm working with is experiencing this today for the first time in her life: She is having fun cooking, eating healthy, and working out. It's completely struggle-free for her, which is a result of the inner work she has done with the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet.


This is why I do the work that I do in my coaching practice with my exceptional, smart and successful clients. Being a weight loss mindset expert I focus on helping my clients get results of struggle-free weight loss by doing the Inner Self work, which is where 90 percent of the transformation must occur: on the inside. That is, if what you want is struggle-free, lasting success with your weight.

There will be no reason to call yourself lazy ever again because your behaviors will match the fit, healthy lifestyle that common sense tells you is the only way to drop the fat and keep it off. It really can be fun when it's struggle-free.

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