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3 Signs You're Dating A Caveman

caveman and cavewoman

For thousands of years, guys have been blaming their Neanderthal, hedonistic behavior on their genetics. They say the way they think and act is not their fault, and it's all predetermined because of the seeds of their forefathers. They rationalize their behavior by relating it to the role of the caveman back in the Stone Age.

Back in that period of time, one of the caveman's major responsibilities was to be the provider, and the main way he did that was by hunting for food. For many of these cavemen, the adrenaline they experienced became more intoxicating than the feeling they got from providing for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, when backed up by science, there is no "caveman genetic marker" that allows men to act like animals and do what they want without considering how their decisions affect the women in their lives.

As a one-time caveman who was pretty good at living a hedonistic lifestyle, I can understand this mentality. It's pretty good for a short-term adrenaline rush and a major ego boost. Unfortunately, this short-term rush rarely leads to long-term happiness and fulfillment.

As a convenient way of rationalizing their behavior, many cavemen also look to nature to support their behavior. However, there is a major flaw in this argument. Human beings are creatures of evolution with minds that think and process. Animals, on the other hand, are driven primarily by two major instincts: survival and reproduction.

Human beings — because of their diverse and complicated nature — have sex for a multitude of reasons. And using the argument that men are simply allowed to have sex with whoever, whenever they want because they're men is just plain dumb … and ignorant. For many of these guys, blaming their behavior on their genetic makeup is just an excuse for the caveman behavior.

Again, I understand this rationale. It served me well for many years .. until I finally realized that my behavior and actions had consequences for myself and others. And that is the biggest difference between a caveman and a real man. A real man takes responsibility for his words and actions, and he realizes that justifying abnormal and irrational behavior and treating women like objects just so he can get laid is bullsh*t! Keep reading ...

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