9 Ways To Escape A Bad Date

With Internet dating more prevalent than ever, being able to screen a guy is an essential skill that all single women need. Unfortunately, no matter how skilled you are at screening men, one occasionally flies under your radar and as a result you find yourself in the presence of man that you DON’T WANT TO BE WITH.

What is a woman to do when she finds herself sitting across from a guy who she has no interest in ever seeing again? Here are 10 tips that a woman can use to escape a bad date:

10) Spill a drink on yourself – Decide which article of clothing is worth sacrificing and then accidentally spill your wine or coffee. As you are visibly shaken tell your date that this is favorite blouse or pants and that you must go home right away to get the stain out. Before he tries to say anything make a bee line for the door.

9) Have your friend call you 20 minutes into the date – This is a technique that women have been using for ages but it’s still effective. Have your girlfriend call you 20 minutes into your date pretending to be a family member that needs your immediate assistance. As soon as you hang up, apologize and tell your date that you have to go you have a family emergency.

8) Sneak out the door – The minute you realize that your date has no potential, start eying the exits to plan your escape. Once you decide on your route, kindly excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and calmly proceed out the door. The best way for this to happen without the guy noticing is to make sure you leave your coat in the car. A guy wouldn’t think twice about a woman heading to the bathroom with her purse, but taking your coat will throw up a red flag.

7) Find out what he’s looking for – As you sit down with your date ask him what he is looking for in a woman. Once he reveals the qualities and characteristics that he desires look him straight in the eye and tell him that you are the wrong girl for him because you don’t have any of those qualities. Tell him that you don’t want to waste any of his time and politely excuse yourself and leave.

6) Tell him that you don’t like sex – Any man that hears a woman doesn’t like sex will mentally check out the second he hears those words. You won’t have to worry about escaping because those words are enough to scare any man away.

5) Accuse him of looking at another woman – Notice another attractive woman that is in your vicinity and the second his eyes glance in that direction go ballistic on him. Give him the riot act on why it is disrespectful for him to be looking at another woman while he is on a date with you and then pick up your stuff and march out the door.

4) Tell him you spotted your ex-boyfriend – As you are sitting there calmly yell out “oh, my God!” and immediately pick up the menu and cover your face. Tell your date that your ex-boyfriend, the one you cheated on, is there and if he sees you there’s going to be a scene. Quickly gather your things and bolt for the door.

3) Start crying uncontrollably – all of a sudden start crying. When your date asks you what’s wrong tell him you can’t stop thinking about your ex. Tell, him that by being there on the date it brought back your old feelings. Tell your date that you are not over your ex yet and going out on this date was a bad idea. Apologize for wasting his time and pick up your stuff and leave.

2) Say you’ve got your period early – As you are sitting there quickly excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. After a few minutes return and tell your date that your period came a week early and because you grabbed the wrong pocketbook you weren’t prepared for your visiting friend. As a result you will have to leave early. Thank him for his understanding and then run out the door.

1) Tell the Truth – All of the kidding aside, the best advice is often to simply tell him the truth. It may amaze you but most guys would actually appreciate you being honest with them. Yes, their ego may be a little bruised but at the end of the day the guy is going to appreciate you for being honest and not wasting his time.

Remember it’s not what you say but how you say it. A great line for exiting dates that you know have no potential is to say: “You know Bob, you seem like a nice guy but I’m a woman who goes by my gut and I just don’t think that we’re a good match for each other. I know your time is important and I really wouldn’t want to waste any more of it knowing that we wouldn’t be right for each other, would you?”

The guy might be initially stunned by your statement but once he realizes that you are being honest and you aren’t wasting his time he will find himself agreeing with you. As a result you won’t have to run out the door, you can walk with your head held up high, knowing that you carried yourself with class and dignity.