Throw Out Your Biological Clock And Do This Instead

Three life goals worth setting all on your own.


I confidently pegged the future me as a cool 28 year old bride, skipping down the aisle in naïve bliss. A mother by 30, easy peasy. At 29, I was single and childless. At 32, the ticking clock escalated to an outright blare. Tick, find someone now. Tick, you're not getting younger. Tick. Tick. Tick.

My clock accompanies me on dates, eager to meet the one who will finally move us towards that aisle, the dream house and the family photos. It recently occurred to me, however, that while living in my make-believe future I was missing the moment. Turns out, three really is a crowd.


Setting due dates didn't make fulfilling them any easier. So instead of wiping out them out, I changed them. Because unless you are a contestant on The Bachelor, how can you set a date on finding love? Instead of marriage, mortgage and a minivan, let's plan for travel, passions and experiences. Let's learn how to be happy! Here are deadlines worth making (and keeping), no clocks required.

  1. Make your passion happen. Little girls dream of white dresses, but surely the present day you harbors unrelated fantasies. Maybe you dreamt of starring in the theatre, writing a novel or hosting spectacular dinner parties with fancy foods prepared by you. Instead of wasting time battling your clock and succumbing to self-pity, sign up for a class and inch closer to your passions, no plus-one needed.
  2. Take out that passport. Many of us single gals get caught in the "I wish I could" trap, Facebook and Instagram being the leading culprits in this envy game. Instead of gazing at travel honeymoon pictures (you always wanted to see Italy, sigh) make this the year you see Italy. Stop waiting for life's moments to give you permission to live yours.
  3. Handle your finances. Suffocated by credit card debt? Set a budget and devise a plan(with deadlines) to squash it. If you need assistance, set a date with a financial advisor.

Refocus your efforts and silence your ticking clock. By the time you meet your prince, you might love his charm, but you will not need his White Horse to save you from anything.