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Gratitude is a game changer! If you want to be happy, be grateful 100 times a day.

About Jim Merhaut

As a professional, certified Life Coach, Leadership Coach - Consultant, and Relationship Coach, I have discovered that every human being has the desire and the need to connect with others and with their work, paid or not. When that need is not met, life can be pretty empty. When meaningful connections happen, work engagement and productivity increase, romance blossoms, friendships deepen, and life is good! My work is uniquely focused on bringing all of this together. In fact, we fool ourselves when we think that these various parts of our lives can be neatly compartmentalized and separated in a way that they don’t influence each other. The reality is that we carry all of our relationships and activities with us all the time. Maximizing and balancing them into a unified whole is a key to happiness and success.

I thrive on having conversations with people about how they experience meaningful connections. My life’s calling has been to assist people with building great relationships in the workplace, at home, and in the world. I love to see leaders achieve their goals, make positive contributions to their communities, and enjoy the work along the way. It’s so gratifying to see couples fall in love again. It’s a joy to journey with a person who is discovering her purpose.

When I did my graduate work in Pittsburgh, PA, I focused on adult spiritual formation. I studied and wrote about how people grow and develop throughout life and how the mystery of love is the foundation of human thriving.

I’ve published dozens of articles and several books in which I enjoy writing about how the power of love can help us overcome what we perceive as obstacles. We can learn to appreciate that our differences are really seeds of great relationship strength. Putting love into daily action is hard work, but it can transform our perception of things from obstacle to opportunity. My favorite publication, also one of my shortest, is Gratitude Journal: A Journey of Transformation. Gratitude changed… no… it saved my marriage. It also made my work far more productive than it used to be. Gratitude is a daily practice of love that is small but mighty.

I live in Ohio with my wife, Debbie. We raised five great children who are all making a positive impact on the world in their own ways. Debbie and I enjoy organic gardening, cooking, music, walks in the woods, and traveling to be with our children. It’s a great life! I’m thankful.

Jim Merhaut Success Stories

Best Team Development Experience


"I have been attending staff development programs for 50 years. This was the best one I've attended."

Ready for Love

Women seeking to start over in a relationship

"As I am preparing for marriage, I wanted to let you know how much all your help last year is making a difference for me. I feel like I am going into this relationship with a completely new mindset that I could not have found without your coaching. I really feel like a different person, and not just in my relationship with my fiance, but also at work, with friends, and in day to day life. You have a great gift to help others find their true self and their own happiness, and I cannot thank you enough for all the time and patience you took to help me find mine."

Best Motivational Speech Ever


"Thank you again for delivering hands down the best motivating speech I've ever heard. Made us all want to be, not just better teachers, but better people as well. So many of faculty approached me already saying how good the speech was."

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