7 Signs That Your Relationship Has No Future

How to determine when to walk away from a relationship that is going nowhere.


                       7 Ways To Know Your Relationship Has No Future
                              (How To Determine When To Walk Away)

Life is a series of challenges. There are some essential qualities your relationship needs in order to survive the challenges. If these don't exist you have very little chance of living happily in your long term relationship. Basic requirements are:


1. Trust. Does your partner have your back when it counts?
2. Respect. Must be mutual.
3. Admiration. Do you  “like” the person you are in a relationship with? Do they "like" you? 
4. .Unconditional Love.Do you and your partner love  eachother no matter what??
5.Unconditional Acceptance.Do you feel your partner accepts who you are and you accept who they are, no matter what?  
6. Comfort. Can you be yourself with your partner?
7. A Shared Vision. Can you see yourself growing old with your partner?Do you want the same things in life?

These are the building blocks of a functional relationship. You must have a strong foundation to build upon.If you don't, the relationship will not withhold the stresses and conflicts that are inevitable. Seek help for guidance on this if you are not sure.  For more information on this, please refer to my website www.jenniferrosvallylcsw.com.