Forget New Year's Resolutions. What We Need Is New Year's Socks

Life Coach: Gratitude & New Year's Resolutions

As the new year approaches, we're bombarded with pressure. Say no to the madness!

This might surprise you, but you know what I want more than a New Year's resolution? A pair of cozy socks. Socks remind us of quiet comfort and warmth, rather than a frenzied attempt to constantly improve. A good pair of socks makes me think about slowing down, relaxing by the fire and being thankful.

On the other hand, when I think about New Year's resolutions, I have a picture in my head of everyone I know going to a pottery class, creating charming 'resolutions' and putting them in the oven to bake. Now, I'm not sure what we do once they're all set and glazed, except bring them home and put them on a shelf to gather dust.

Goals, inspirations, resolutions—these are all wonderful ideas that can spur us on...or hold us back. Before you can take on goals or resolutions—and watch them succeed—you have to let go of assumptions and self-sabotaging talk. How can you do this? Open up space. Putting goals on paper feels wonderful. Taking action is required, but beating yourself up because you are not doing what you said you would will not make the dream come true. Willpower and negativity do not foster long-term chang; belief does.

What else helps? The willingness to know what you have right now, coupled with a willingness to receive more. If you think you're not worthy or not strong enough, no amount of resolution will change you. So if we know that resolutions don't have real staying power, why give them such credence? Instead of 'New Year's resolutions', why not call them 'New Year's socks'? They keep you warm and happy, cozy and supported. They come in all different sizes and shapes and fabrics, but there's one that's just your size, and perfect for you. We've somewhere, along the way, picked up the idea that there's something intrinsically wrong with us and we need to be fixed — but what if we just needed a new pair of socks?

What if you believed there is nothing wrong with you? How would you approach 2014 if you knew deep within that you are exactly who you are meant to be? Ditch the "poor me" mentality, or any of those other covers you put on to hide your inner light.  What if you stopped looking outside the window at the big house on the hill, sighing about how much you want it and how much effort it feels like... and found joy in what there already is? What if you said "I am me. This is my life!" and turned around, looked into your room and saw not a mess or something to leave, but the beauty of what you have now? What if, instead of reaching outwards to strive foward, you decide to let go of layers of fault, shame and guilt?

How about if this New Year's Eve you looked inward and celebrated all you are and what you have accomplished so far in your life? Look at those you love (yourself included!) not as burdensome fools who need fixing, but with compassion and grace. Be okay with exactly where they are on their journey. Open the doors of your heart and said "I love who you are, right now and I support where you want to go, if it truly calls to you" and bathed them in that compassionate energy. What if you looked around the room and saw all the pieces of your life: the memories, struggles and lessons that helped you shed and shift; those wondrous moments and items that evoke happiness, and said "I am rich beyond my wildest dreams. My life is full of beauty. I am beautiful and blessed,"?

What if you looked at your body and, instead of seeing fat and feeling disgust, saw beneath to the core of your physicality? One that has kept you alive and miraculously present as a human being all through your years? What if you gave thanks for this amazing loyal companion who made it possible to be here on earth? What if you said, "Thank you body for all your service. I am grateful for the times you reminded me through aches and pains that I needed to rest, walk or speak my truth"? Make a commitment to be more present in your body by taking a 15 minute walk daily, or even skipping to work for 30 days in a row? (Or whatever else seems silly, fun, physical and doable to you)

What if you listed all of the amazing abundant moments and items in your life and gave thanks? And what if you were grateful and full of love for your experiences on earth? What if you felt such incredible wealth within you and around you and said "I have created miracles, and I want more of that"? What if you said, "I vow to be present and to enjoy everything that comes my way. To allow and receive more joy and abundance in my life"? What if you decided to welcome trust, and release fear; breathed in that thought and let it go? What if you called in your guides, spirits, angels (or whoever you worship) and asked them to take the baggage you have been holding onto? 

What if you decided to look at your life from a place of wealth, rather than poverty? Give yourself some time, weekly or daily to be generous to your soul. Time for you to do what feels good to you, ignoring the naysayers. What would your new year look like if you decided, that because everyone in your life was fine just as they are, you could stop worrying about them and trust that they would find their path without having to "fix" anything?

What if you just put it out there that you're ready to surrender the hard stuff, and found ease, beauty and abundance wherever you look? What if you pulled on a pair of cozy, comforting socks instead of beating yourself up? Those are the new years socks I am putting on... how about you? What color are you socks for 2014?

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