The Secrets To An Organic Relationship


It's common for relationships to be contrived because most of us believe being single means something is missing from our lives. We obsessively look for what we consider a missing piece of ourselves.

This search influences our concepts of love to be built upon the foundation of fear. Our lack of self worth blocks the natural organic flow of relating.

We can use the nature of gardening as a template to follow when it comes to cultivating relationships. When you plant a seed it takes time and gentle care to assist in the blossoming process.

Root based plants such as beets and carrots will take longer to sprout when compared to growing herbs. The natural unfolding of the process itself determines the differences. Anything that is contrived will not survive to reach its full potential.

It would be wise to view each potential relationship as a seed that needs to be nurtured. Some connections may blossom as fast as an herb, others may take longer to root like a beet or a carrot. The key is to relate without preconceived concepts of a proper time frame for development. The heart recognizes levels of magnetism, not concepts of time.

Adopting this concept allows the energy to flow more efficiently. It creates a path of least resistance for necessary development. Don't put so much pressure on yourself or your potential partner. Relax and have fun within the process. If you don't find a new partner, you could potentially gain a new friend. Let each experience naturally unfold and reveal its unique treasure.

Partnerships that develop organically create deeper bonds through authentic friendships. A genuine concern for each other leads to a comfort zone that ends up being the catalyst for orgasmic bliss. The level of safety shared between partners determines the depth of vulnerability. The more open you are the more pleasure you will experience during intimacy.

You can step outside of the comfort zone of using relationships as a crutch and embrace love however it chooses to present itself. Sometimes we push away the love we "need" because it didn't match the love we "wanted." These expectations block us from experiences that could open us up to a deeper more expansive love.

Here are a few tips on how to develop organic relationships.

1. Connect with others simply with the intention of relating

Throw your checklist out of the window and attempt to accept your potential partner without judgment. This will allow them to feel more comfortable with exposing deeper aspects of self. This way you get to see more beneath the societal mask for a clearer projection of compatibility.

2. Don't get too caught up on the physical attraction

Great sex is important within a relationship but there needs to be a strong foundation built on respect, integrity and trust. The framework of the physical bond will naturally form and be more firm in this case.

3. Release the pressure of needing something to develop

Relax and use your social interactions as opportunities to expand through new experiences. If a strong bond develops this will be an exciting bonus to explore.

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