Why Sensitive Men Are The Very Best Men To Love

Men who can shed a tear and show their feelings are sexy, plain and simple.

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There's a new trend on the internet, particularly Instagram, that features men who aren’t afraid to reveal their sensitive sides while still looking hot.

The Instagram accounts Men and Wine, Cute Boys with Cats, DILFS of Disneyland, and Hot Dudes with Dogs are proof. The newest addition to this trend is Hot Guys Crying. Not only is there a Tumblr account dedicated to the topic, but now a new video created by Gilt City 'Hot Guys Crying' demonstrates that even brands are jumping on the sensitive hot guys bandwagon.


Dr. Emily Morse, sexologist, host of the Sex With Emily podcast and author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, says that, “As anyone who used to have a Xanga could tell you, sensitive men have always been around. But thanks to the visibility of Instagram, these guys finally have the opportunity to be appreciated.”

With the advent of new social media sites and networks, people are sharing EVERYTHING online.

So in an effort to create buzz and awareness for Gilt City, the online shopping destination offering exclusive local experiences at insider prices, the company decided to create a funny and cheeky viral video that would resonate with Gilt City's 70% female audience. "Not-so-macho" hot men who aren’t afraid to bare their emotions are garnering lots of attention on Instagram and beyond, which gave the company an idea. 


“We thought hot guys crying would be the perfect theme for our video. We also wanted to play off the emotional reactions our members feel when missing out on Gilt City’s one-of-a-kind experiences. These experiential offers are only on GiltCity.com for a limited time, so the FOMO (fear of missing out) our members get can elicit all sorts of reactions, and we wanted to convey that in this video,” says Kanika Soni, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy of Gilt City.

But what happened to women’s fascination with the "bad boy?"

According to Dr. Morse, some women will still crave the bad boy as the “phenomenon has it’s roots in sexual selection and biology.” Bad boys have the qualities (confidence, risk takers, etc.) that these women find attractive initially, but with a more unfavorable light being shed on the bad boy, it appears more women are realizing that what they're attracted to isn’t necessarily the best choice for them in the long run. So instead of chasing emotionally unavailable men, many women now realize that they deserve a mate who treats them with love, respect and kindness.

It seems that women are coming around to the nice guy. Not the weak pushover guy, but one who's secure enough in his masculinity to shed a few tears. Dr. Morse continues that in the hunter/gatherer days, women were drawn to big, strong masculine men, but women don’t “necessarily need to mate with the biggest and baddest warrior in town anymore.”


Instead, women are attracted to the men who will go to a Farmer’s Market with them or maybe even wine tasting.

The feminist movement of the 1960s and '70s — originally focused on dismantling workplace inequality, such as denial of access to better jobs and salary inequity, via anti-discrimination laws — has led women to be more empowered than they’ve ever been. Women are rejecting the patriarchal gender roles of the 1950s housewife and instead are stronger and more independent.

As such, women are currently having to re-evaluate what makes a good male partner. And Dr. Morse concludes that, “these 'manly men' aren’t as attractive to women, and it seems that nowadays, similarly, men are more attracted to strong women.”

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