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How To Use Your Feminine Energy To Attract A More Masculine Man

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In high-powered corporate jobs, women experience greater success by channeling more masculine energy. But the opposite is true in love.

When women bring an abundance of masculine energy to love, they have a difficult time finding true and lasting love with a masculine man. In fact, many successful and powerful women buy into common untruths that keep them from finding love with a masculine man. 

If you find yourself believing these untruths, you’ll have challenges with love, making it difficult to create and sustain the love you desire:

  • Men who are intimidated by a woman’s success aren’t secure and confident in themselves.
  • Men are threatened by powerful women.
  • Men need to deal with it and realize that women are vulnerable and that they want love, romance and support.

The problems with believing these untruths are that they take away your power and keep you in victim mode. Instead of believing these untruths, consider the more empowering uncommon truth that men love successful women who know how to embrace their femininity.

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Embrace reality.

There are true differences unique to men and women that complement each other. When we ignore these differences as reality, we don't accept “what is”. Taking action from what we think “should be” causes stress and disappointment.

For instance, there was a time when I thought the man I was with should be more open in expressing his feelings for me. In hindsight, instead of hoping for what “should be”, I could have taken responsibility for my role in the relationship by examining how I was being. I now realize that expressing feelings openly are more of a feminine trait.

In that relationship, my masculine energy was more pronounced because I wasn’t able to connect easily with my feminine traits (i.e. softer, receptive, allowing, etc.). When we connect with our feminine energy, we provide an open and judgment-free environment where men feel safe to express their feelings.

Don’t be a better man. Be a better woman.

Women and men are equal in different ways. Many women who want complete equality are upset by the suggestion that they need to turn on their feminine energy to attract a man. They think they need to downplay who they are to trick a man into wanting them.

But this isn’t about acting feminine or performing a certain way to trick and keep a man. You can be who you are by embracing your feminine and masculine energies. Knowing when to be and take action from each of these energies is the way to find success in life and love.

In love, the more you can tap into your feminine energy of being tender, nurturing, gentle, allowing, etc., the more you’ll attract a masculine man. A masculine man likes to take care of, protect and feel needed by a woman. When a woman is competitive with a man, he may admire and respect her in the corporate world. But when it comes to love, a man isn’t looking for a woman to be a better man than he is.

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Try a softer approach.

Embracing the equal differences between men and women may help you realize they are all necessary for a harmonious relationship. If your approach to love hasn’t worked and you want to find a masculine man, try a softer approach by connecting with your feminine energy.

The benefits of being in touch with your masculine and feminine traits will bring more balance and harmony to your entire life.

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