Embracing The Journey Of Your Illness

The two-step approach to feeling your best while on medication.


Are you able to fully embrace the journey that your illness has sent you on or are you still upset, worried, angry or blaming yourself for getting sick? Negative feelings impact getting well. They can also make medications less effective and prone to more toxic effects.

When a neurologist diagnosed my father with Lou Gehrig's Disease, ALS, and gave him less than a year to live, his immediate response was, "It's another adventure" (Read about it in my free ebook, A Field Guide for Happiness). Not for a split second could dad allow himself to believe and receive the prognosis. He knew full well that to recover, which he did, it was imperative to refute all negative thoughts, even those from the "experts."


1. Be unmoved by the diagnosis.

Stay steady in the knowledge that our bodies are divinely designed with an innate ability to heal. No matter what the source of our illness or disease, we can learn and even prosper from exploring their emotional underpinnings. In so doing, we raise the vibration of our cells and often lessen the side effects from all energy toxins, including medications.

2. Treat the energetic imbalances caused by the meds.

Every medication has a unique vibration that acts on your subtle energies. Energy balancing techniques, such as Thought Field Therapy (try TFT now) are simple to learn and wonderfully effective ways to balance your energy when you feel thrown off.


For example, in one person, a medication can cause nausea or belching by overcharging or undercharging the energy flowing through the stomach meridian. In another person that same pill could affect the lung meridian causing shortness of breath or hyperventilation. Through muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology), you can discover how each medication is affecting each meridian. Once assessed, an energy balancing treatment can be custom-designed to heal the imbalance.

In my upcoming class, How to Feel Your Best when You Must Take Medication, we'll use this two-step process to heal your body of the negative energy effects of medications. You'll also learn to erase negative thoughts and feelings about your sickness or disease and balance the energetic impact that your medication has on your subtle energy. It's a great class. I look forward to hearing from you.