6 Sexy Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Lucky Guy

Your man is hard ... in more places than one.


Newsflash: Men are not the simple creatures that are too easy to please, as most women are led to believe they are. For many years, this made women treat their men as the simpletons they thought they were and wonder why men can’t seem to stay. For single women, they question why men won’t call them to ask for a second date.

Instead of thinking of men as aliens from Mars or cavemen who are believed to just want to work, eat, and have sex, men really are more like rivers. They're shallow to the eye, but deep in some parts. Sure, they are not that hard to read but they’re not disposable literature either.


So how can you make your man happy? Here are the top 6 ways (none of which involve a brand new car or watch):

1. Be Affectionate And Appreciative

Being sincerely affectionate toward your man does wonders. Gone are the days when men are supposed to be these "macho rugged" types that shy away from public displays of affection. Every man needs a warm bear hug and be with the person that gives them to him when he is happy and, especially, when he is down. The simple act of holding his hand while having dinner can go a long way to make him feel special. Aside from that, going the extra mile by having his car washed or his watches cleaned can show affection in such a way that you're making his life easier. And last but not least, making more time for both of you for some important bed action.


An appreciated man is always a blissful man. Show him how proud you are of his achievements by telling your friends and family. Thank him in public for what he does and pleasure him in private for it, too. Gestures such as giving a tap on the back or uttering positive phrases in front of his friends matters a lot. Appreciation in terms of material things also doesn’t have to go one way! Giving him gifts on random days or items that he’s always looked at during mall trips and hasn't purchased himself makes him feel like he really matters.

2. Know Your Man’s Pleasure Zones  Erogenous And Otherwise

Everyone has their personal pleasure spots  men most of all. Knowing how to make your man happy in bed by exploring his body for what turns him on is a big boost to him and the relationship. Usually, men are open to saying what they want and women are better off asking them than guessing. Having books like Jack’s Blow Job Lessons can spice up things in bed and tell you what he wants, but is too shy to show.

But men are not all balls and shaft  they do have something between their ears which needs just as much pleasurable stroking with intelligent conversations. What is he interested in? Taking leisurely trips to a museum or reading the titles he loves can make women the company du jour for the men in their lives. Sharing experiences deepens the bond and is a great precursor to exploring more of each other, especially under the sheets.


3. Run The World: Be In Control

A real man only wants one thing to make their lives complete  a complete woman who has her own life and doesn't need a man in it. It takes more than having a sexy body and a beautiful face. Men are looking for women who are able to hold their own fort when it comes to money, a career and sense of ambition. Today, men no longer expect their women to just stay at home – they want them to shine and thrive as well.

Aside from that, women who let their men guess what they want and need has gone stale. To please your man, stop the guessing game when it comes to where to go to dinner, how to be treated and what makes you scream with a powerful orgasm – tell him! A man knows too well that a woman who says it as she means it only delivers it, in and out of the bedroom.

So know where to eat, grab that promotion, pay for dinner with your hard earned paycheck and buy that dream car  make yourself and your man happy with your success.


4. Book That Ticket, And Off To An Adventure You Go

Men are always eager for an adventure and are the happiest when they can take their woman with them. Indulge his protective side by going bungee jumping or riding really wild roller coasters. Unleash his competitive streak with sports, whether it’s an intellectual chess match or a heart stopping car race. Better yet, book a ticket and live on a hut or tent and make love under the stars for the next week.

Men are made of a lethally powered combination of testosterone and adrenaline. They literally crave the rush! Instead of relegating the activities to his buddies and the bed needs to yours, enjoy the best of both worlds by having an intense sex session after a great biking expedition or refreshing diving trip. Have the best sex of your lives, beds not necessarily required. You can keep your man interested by being adventurous.

5. Get Your Bed On


Pleasuring a man in bed is not just about having sex. Explore ways to show adoration to your man by other means such as giving a great massage from head to foot. Massages are known to be great relaxants, not to mention a very sexy form of foreplay.

A massage can be as uncomplicated as a foot massage, focusing on the balls of his feet to a full blown Swedish on his back. No matter what, each stroke makes blood rush where it should which ends to a hard body part that’s even harder to resist.

6. Blow His Head … Down There

Speaking of hard, giving a great blow job separates the "glad to be in a relationship" people to those who are "VERY happy to be in a relationship." Simply put, giving him the best blow job is the top thing that makes men love their women more than they should.


This intimate and highly sensual act gives them pleasure beyond comprehension. But usually women are made to believe that the simple sucking of the head is all it takes. Instead of thinking of the penis as a shrimp, think of it more as a popsicle with a base, a body and a head as Jack’s Blow Job Lessons teaches. Jack's Blowjob Lessons is the ultimate blow job bible that every woman who wants to make their man happy in bed should read.

Please your man by licking thoroughly starting with little circles on the tip before placing the body slowly inside the mouth, focusing on sucking and licking.

The combined moans and increasing hardness inside your mouth shows if your man is happy or very, very happy. And no matter what, don't forget the balls  but don't bite!