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About Irene Celcer

I am a psychotherapist and an author working and living in Atlanta GA, USA, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A variety of people come to see me feeling anxious, depressed, or having some sort of relationship problems. Many are American-born, many are not. Those who seek me for my niche work come in because they are experiencing eating issues and body image problems, they may be questioning their gender identity, or amid infertility and third party reproduction assistance. Others are trying to understand their teen or child who may be having a problem and they need to learn how to deal with it. Many consultations are about cultural differences between the values of the country of origin and the USA and how to navigate them.

 Most people I see suffer because they are immersed in a variety of negative situations and emotions. Some of the painful circumstances come from their environment and many feelings and thoughts from within themselves. For most, their suffering is a combination of their inner and their outer world. 

I would like for you to know some things about me and the degrees I have...

I am from Argentina, Buenos Aires, and studied clinical psychology. I received my degree as a clinical psychologist from Universidad de Belgrano in 1981. Soon after, in my late twenties, I left Buenos Aires to go to California. At Esalen Institute, I enrolled in workshops and courses that changed my life forever. I decided to stay in San Francisco to pursue a master's in Holistic Psychology from Antioch University (San Francisco, 1986). When I finished my master's degree in holistic psychology, I made up my mind to explore the East Coast of the country thinking that 20 years from then, I would have regretted not doing so. Once in NYC, I could not use my degree from CA to work. I enrolled at Yeshiva University to get a degree in Social Work (New York, USA,1988).

The Women's Therapy Center Institute of New York influenced my clinical training. At the institute, I enrolled in more courses and workshops, in addition to doing personal therapy (1986-1990). 

Currently, in my work, I use tools from cognitive behavioral therapy, the understanding of neuropsychology and mindfulness, and feminist theory.

I lecture for professional organizations such as NASWGA (National Association of Social Workers of Georgia, USA), CSNSW-GA (Clinical Society of Social Workers, Georgia, USA), and hospitals such as Riverwoods Southern Regional Psychiatric Center, Riverdale, Georgia, USA.

I am a member of ASRM, (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), and  W-Path (World Organization of Professionals for Transgender Health) and NASW (National Association for Social Workers).

 CNN, Telemundo, and the radio program"Oíd Mortales" in Argentina have honored me with their interviews.

You are welcome to see my authored books in eating problems and the topic of infertility and third party reproductive assistance at www.irenecelcer.com

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