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How To Start A Conversation On Dating Apps (So You Can Finally Delete Them)

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One of the most common questions that singles on dating apps tend to ask is "What do I text after a match?"

The way you open a conversation on your dating app (whether it's on Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, or Coffee Meets Bagel) will direct how the rest of your conversation goes.

If you’re looking for fun conversation starters, there's no need to dig deep to find the perfect subject line. 

Here are 3 simpler and more fun text conversation starters that will turn a match into something more:

1. Personalize your opening line.

One of the most common messages people get when there’s a match is "How’s it going?" When you only have images and a few lines of text to make an impression, a simple generic question won’t probably do much to captivate someone’s attention — it’s not personal, it’s a numbers game.

Instead, take the time to read someone’s profile. If you see that they have a dog that’ll get along with yours, use that as an opening line. If you see he’s wearing a sports team jersey, comment on the last game you saw.

A few ideas:

  • "I love sausage dogs! I’ve always wanted one but we always had labs at home. How old is yours?"
  • "Nice hat. Did you see the game last week? Epic."
  • "You look like you can dance. Twirl on the dance floor?" (If there’s any reference to dancing.)

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2. Link their passions to yours.

A relationship starts with chemistry and attraction but builds with shared values. It may be hard to find common ground in a few photos but try to link their passion to yours. This gives them a reason to reply.

For example, if you find a guy loves hiking, comment on it. But don’t stop there. Tell them why you enjoy hiking too and give them a reason to write back. Don’t fake it if there’s no connection there. But if you genuinely share an interest, then let them know.

We all just want to feel connected. When someone else enjoys watching re-runs of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" as much as you do, then you need to let them know.

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3. Humor gets replies.

Humor works every single time. You don’t need to be cheesy, creepy or inappropriate. Just be yourself and use the type of humor that you would in real life. This is a sure-fire way to stoke the embers of a conversation into a roaring fire.

Start off funny and watch the replies fill up your inbox. Ever noticed how famous comedians walk around with beautiful women on their arms? Hint: They can’t all have sparkling personalities or huge bank balances.

Laughter is a human experience that all cultures and people share. Get the jokes rolling and your online conversation will turn into a first date in no time.

Think you’re not funny? Find something that’s funny. It could be a meme or a joke. Or it could be something you’ve seen in your day-to-day.

For example: take a photo of something from their day and say, "Is this the most _____ you’ve ever seen?"

Why does this work?

In an age where we consume media through memes, video, gifs, and Snapchats, we communicate with visuals. The cliche is true, pictures DO tell a thousand words. Plus they’re fun and playful which is what the beginning of a relationship should be.

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Iona Yeung is a dating and relationship coach for single women who need a little guidance to attract the love they deeply crave. Want to learn more? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Texting Men.

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