4 Ways To STOP Obsessing — So You Can Survive Infidelity

Ancient wisdom can stop the chaos and help restore you to peace.

Ancient Techniques to Quiet Your Mind Amidst The Chaos of Infidelity weheartit

As everyone knows who’s ever been cheated on, there are few experiences as confusing and painful as infidelity.

Being betrayed by the person you love and trust the most can wreak havoc on every part of your personality and identity. It can damage your self-esteem, sense of belonging, and every other part of your emotional foundation. 

It’s almost impossible to keep all the outside chaos of infidelity from seeping into your mind and making a home there. And once all this chaos settles in, the resulting confusion and racing thoughts can render even the most basic, everyday tasks very difficult.


And the chaos can begin to feed on itself as the betrayed partner is increasingly less able to problem solve and process their emotions. The only solution to this is to quiet your mind and begin to think clearly.

Fortunately, people have accumulated a great deal of wisdom over the centuries that can help you begin to slow things down internally.

Here are 4 ancient techniques you can use on how to stop obsessing with the chaos brought about by the infidelity:

1. Pray your way to tranquility.



Yes, prayer is one the most valuable tools history has given us to find emotional and mental comfort. People from every faith have found calm in the eye of the worst storms for thousands of years, just by talking quietly to something bigger than themselves.

And some of them have talked to nothing at all! There’s no doubt that prayer can help you during this trying time if you give it a chance.

Best of all, there’s no wrong way to do it. You can pray in whatever way makes you comfortable. You can say anything you want, either in your own words or from a source that you trust. There are no rules when it comes to prayer. All that matters is that you do it.

And you don’t need to be religious or even a true believer to benefit from the healing of prayer. Prayer can help you find tranquility, no matter how you think of yourself in spiritual terms.


Whether you’re a member of a traditional faith, a pagan, an atheist, or an agnostic, committing to the practice of prayer will help you overcome the chaos of infidelity.

2. Start a yoga practice to soothe both body and mind. 

There’s a reason that yoga has gotten so popular in the United States over the last few decades. It’s because this ancient Eastern practice has helped millions of people just like you rediscover or create a sense of internal peace.

A yoga practice can help slow your mind down almost immediately, as long as you get started and stick with it. And you don’t have to do anything strenuous or advanced either. Even the most basic yoga postures can yield quick results, as long you practice them consistently.


You can get started with DVDs from the library, introductory online videos, or by taking a class.

However you get started, a consistent yoga practice will take your attention away from the pain of infidelity and start you on the path to lasting emotional healing.

3. Meditate.

If prayer is a way of talking to something bigger than yourself, then meditation is a way of quietly listening to it. Just sitting with yourself and sinking into your own being is an ideal way to calm down and find clarity, even in the midst of the chaos infidelity causes.


And just like with the other techniques we’ve talked about, there’s no wrong way to practice meditation. You can start with a book, a video, or by reading a meditative passage and reflecting on it.

Or you can start with nothing at all. Deep breathing, concentrating on a single object, or visualizing a calm scene are all great ways to start a meditation practice.

The idea behind meditation is detachment from unpleasant thoughts and circumstances. Just focus on anything except the pain of your partner’s betrayal and you’ll be well on your way to stepping back from the chaos.

4. Try the calm discipline of Tai Chi.


The ancient art of Tai Chi is another technique you can develop to quiet your mind. A series of fluid poses that emphasize the breath and graceful movements, Tai Chi is a healing discipline that promotes good mental health in several ways.

And although Tai Chi instructors are available in most parts of the country, no expertise is required to begin or refine your practice. Internet videos are a great place to get started, but you’ll experience the calming benefits of Tai Chi no matter how you begin your practice.

Don’t let the chaos of infidelity control your life. The healing process is up to you, not to good luck or your cheating partner.

Whichever one of these ancient techniques you end up choosing, it will quiet your mind and help you find a sense of calm that’s immune to all the chaos going on around you.


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