15 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating And CANNOT Be Trusted

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15 Signs Your Cheating Spouse Can NOT Be Trusted

Contrary to popular opinion, infidelity doesn’t always have to spell the end of a marriage. Although it’s often extraordinarily difficult to repair the damage, there’s no question that many couples succeed in doing so.

So you don’t have to give up all hope if you’ve found out that your husband or wife has betrayed you. If both partners are willing to put in the work, the damage of infidelity can be repaired.

If your husband or wife has betrayed you, the choice of whether or not to stay in the marriage is entirely up to you. Whatever you’ve decided, we only want to provide guidance and support.

That’s why we’ve prepared this helpful list of things to watch out for in your cheating spouse. This will help you interpret your unfaithful spouse’s behavior in a way that’s useful to you and the healing of your marriage.

The Signs Are There if You Know How to Read Them

You don’t have to give up on your marriage if your partner has been unfaithful. But you do have to be careful. Without becoming domineering or forever mistrustful, you have to pay attention to the signals that your cheating partner is sending and communicating to you.

People reveal who they are through their actions, but only as long as we’re listening to what they have to say.

It’s perfectly natural to be vigilant about your partner’s behavior after experiencing the pain of infidelity. It’s also a smart thing to do.

As long you can maintain a certain amount of vigilance without being hurtful or obsessive, paying attention to the signs your partner sends will be beneficial.

How to know if your partner is trustworthy is by watching out for these 15 signs that mean that you shouldn't trust them:

  1. They’re closed off or are unwilling to discuss marital issues as they come up.
  2. They become defensive easily, especially in response to questions about what they’ve been doing.
  3. They vacillate between being irritable with you and doting on you in a way that seems forced, insincere, or excessive. 
  4. They seem consistently nervous or secretive and won’t reveal the source of their discomfort openly. 
  5. They’re consistently preoccupied with their phone, computer, or other devices and you know it’s for legitimate reasons.


  6. They exhibit suspicious behavior around these devices. They start closing windows quickly or getting angry if you come near them. Do be careful with this one, however, as some people are simply more private than others and it might be nothing to worry about.
  7. You notice they’ve started deleting their search engine or browser histories for no apparent reason. Don’t go snooping around trying to find this out, but if they’ve already given you a reason to wonder, this could be another sketchy behavior.
  8. They’re constantly vague about their plans for a given day, evening, or weekend.
  9. When they do provide details about their future or past activities, they consistently go overboard by giving an excess of unimportant information. When someone is lying, they often give extra details in order to be more convincing.
  10. They develop a sudden and inexplicable increase of interest in their appearance. 
  11. They start dressing up and wearing cologne or perfume every evening and it’s not something they’d normally do, there might be a reason for suspicion.
  12. They suddenly become dreamy, distracted, or giddy for no apparent reason.
  13. They’re suddenly not as present for you as they’ve typically been in the past, especially for activities you always used to share or during difficult moments.
  14. An overall lack of humility. One of the things that fuels infidelity is a sense of entitlement. A cheating partner can come to believe that they deserve to have an affair. You can’t expect the cheating to stop if this sense of entitlement doesn’t start to disappear. If your cheating partner lacks an overall sense of humility, it might be a sign they haven’t outgrown this hurtful quality.
  15. You feel that something about your marriage just doesn’t feel right. As long as you’re applying sound judgment, it’s important to trust your intuitions about your cheating spouse’s behavior. 

Hopefully, you’ve processed your feelings of betrayal enough to make sure that your judgment is sound, but if something consistently seems off or unsatisfying about your cheating spouse’s behavior, then there might be a good reason that is the case.

Obviously, you have to be careful with that last one because unfounded accusations can do tremendous damage to the recovery of your marriage, but you have a right to be concerned if these feelings come up with any regularity.

Remember that these are simply guidelines, not a set of hard and fast rules that apply in every single case. Don’t be alarmed if one or two of these signs pop up from time to time and don’t go looking for evidence where there isn’t any.

If we look for something hard enough, we’re probably going to find it whether it’s actually there or not, so do everyone a favor and stay as objective as possible.

Although suspicion and mistrust are perfectly normal reactions to infidelity, don’t drive yourself crazy with obsessive worry or nosiness. Using the signs we’ve listed as possible indicators, just listening to what your cheating partner is saying through their behavior and respond accordingly.

C. Mellie Smith is a former betrayed spouse who was able to pick up the pieces and move on with her life after several affairs rocked her marriage. We know how much infidelity hurts, so click here to get the help and resources you need to stop the craziness and get over the pain and heartbreak of the betrayal.

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