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Women Have The Power To Help Better Men

Unbeknownst to myself after evaluating a seven year relationship, I realized that a woman can make a man better or make a man worse. Many of the principles that I learned such as sticking it out or finding another way rather than breaking up, all came from examples given by my ex. A young man’s nature is to run from a situation. It is said that women mature faster than men so let’s look at this statement a little more closely: Women mature faster than men. What does it really mean?

A woman completes her natural growth or development faster than a man. A 20 year old woman would indeed be smarter than most 20 year old men. Let’s logically follow this example if a 20 year old woman is more mature than a 20 year old man, then who should better lead by example?

If you’re the woman and you are more intelligent and the man finds you on FB dressed half-naked it is you who have led him to the conclusion that he wants to have sex and not truly respect you as a woman. So if the woman understands that she is leading and not following the man, she could indeed change the results desired through her own actions once she grasps what it means to be more mature.

The best way to teach anyone is to lead by example. When women start comparing themselves and their actions to what men are doing, they indeed lower themselves and their vibration to that of a man. If you have the ability to create life, it is obvious when you think about it, that you are vibrating on a higher frequency. You are more sensitive, you are able to hear sounds and feel emotions that perhaps men will never experience. Stop lowering yourselves to think, act and feel like men. Realize the power and energy within yourself. It is you and other women who have power to change the planet.

Women can perhaps live without men but men cannot truly live without women because men do not have the natural ability to procreate. It has been said in ancient times that women have been able to impregnate themselves just like the scarab beetle in Egypt. In women’s desire to become like men, women have lowered themselves and lost their spiritual way instead of leading. It is the norm for women to now follow. This is the opposite of the natural order. You can’t have a man before a woman because a man comes from a woman. The natural order is set but should not be forgotten. It is indeed Michelle Obama that leads Barack Obama to be a better man. Perfect Love? President Obama & First Lady Michelle [EXPERT]. You can clearly see and feel that. If she were a weak wife he would not be as good as he is. Michelle makes Barack hot, she is the icing on the cake.

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