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Why Do I Always Attract Crazy Men?

Every woman is working with the same pool of men. Say there are four billion men on Planet Earth. This is the pool of men that you have to work with. In this pool, there are going to be gentlemen, pimps, players, hustlers, and psychos. But, it’s the same pool of men. It’s not like the crazy men are coming from outside this pool. The question is, why do some women always attract the crazy men? The answer is you. You can either repel or invite these men into your life. The only reason you attract crazy men is because you talk to them.   Like our FaceBook Page

Men look for holes in women’s armor. If you have a weakness, we will find it. In fact, it’s our innate nature. When you spill water, it will find and drip down into every crack and crevice. Men who are attracted to you are much like water. Women who have a solid foundation are less likely to attract crazy men, because there are very few holes in their armor through which the water can enter. With these women, men have to search very hard to find holes. Most will tire themselves out and set out for the easier prey, the same way lions hunt the weakest, not the strongest, of the prey. 

There are women who are fun to be with but don’t seem to have holes in their armor. Most men are too afraid to approach these women on a physical level because they can’t find holes to enter. To pierce the armor of these women, the man must have legitimate intentions. These women are less likely to attract crazy men. But, if you are a very open woman and will listen to any conversation, no matter how weird, then you are inviting these crazy men into your life.

In general, some men love easy prey and less work. Easy prey is much easier to sleep with, and usually open to all kinds of experiences. The key women need to know is when to let loose, and when to hold back. It’s okay to be freaky, but remember that we love, and marry, the women whose freakiness is subtle, not obvious. We love to sleep with and look at the women who are obviously freaky, but 9.9 times out of 10, we don’t want to marry them.

Always remember, though, to be courteous, and never judge a book by its cover. There is a difference between a legitimate prospect showing persistent interest in you and a crazy stalker. How can you tell? Well, if a man shows up at your house, and you did not give him your address, he is the latter. If you allow a man to spend the night on your couch and you wake up in the middle of the night with him staring you in the face, he is crazy. And if you continue to allow him to sleep on the couch for any reason, you are also crazy.     Continue to page 2

If you find yourself asking why you keep attracting crazy men, keep in mind that not everyone accepts these men and their weird ideas or conversations into their lives. The solution is to close up some of the holes in your armor. Set yourself a set of standards to follow, and stick with them. The question is, why would you listen to these men who end up being crazy? What are you curious about? What are you searching for?


Relationship Coach Simon S.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.