What Is A Despicable Mom?

It takes two people to make a child and nature intended for the same two people to raise them.


Subtitle: Women who abuse their power to give future baby mama’s a bad name.

There is nothing worse in this world than a mother who uses the children against the father in a relationship. If you are going to rank sins against men in this world, this act would be right up there with the biblical Eve’s sin committed in the Garden of Eden against God. It would be number one in 99.9% of men who are committed father’s and those who desire to be fathers, representing a quality most women desire. In fact, this is a quality you would hope that the future man of your dreams possesses. A man with this quality is a man that will more than likely do his best to take care of you and your children.


Logic of Man

Following the logical thinking of men, a woman using the kids like pawns on a chess board will be seen as the most selfish and worse of all actions a woman can commit against a man. It truly exposes her unbalanced emotional state of mind. Any potential future man of her dreams will clearly see it as a representation of what she could potentially do to him if her behavior goes uncorrected. Her actions are not in the best interest of the children, but are purely selfish with malicious intent. The consequences are no man in his right mind will truly desire to be with a woman with this previous track record beyond a sexual encounter and eventually your intentional denial of the baby’s father time can take a toll on your new found relationship. The new man of your dreams may eventually become concerned an irritated by your behavior especially if found to be later without probable cause.


Legislation should be enacted

Stiff laws should be enacted against women who abuse their motherly privileges. It truly should be a crime for women who use the system to steal time from a father and their children’s right to spend time with them. It is a crime against nature and against all women who previously fought for equal rights. Their behavior discourages, good men who are responsible loving fathers , who want to spend time and be in their children’s lives.

Overbearing Power and Authority

It really makes a man wonder and revaluate in his mind whether a woman having too much power an authority over a man goes against the laws of nature itself? It seems that every time a woman is put in a position of power and authority, police, detention officer, district attorney, judge, CEO, etc., she abuses the privileges granted by being more cruel than her male counterparts in the same positions. Now that women have gotten a taste of the power, many abuse it an act no better than the slave mentalities of their predecessors who originally denied them equals rights. Is it that hard for people to be honest, reasonable and fair? Is it that hard to treat a man like you would want to be treated yourself? What if he had the power to deny you the rights to see your children was more in his favor? How would you feel?


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Common Sense

It takes two people to make a child and nature intended for the same two people to raise them. Just because some authority figure tells you can jump off a two story building and survive, would you do it? Please use the same common sense in raising your children or cast them into perpetual confusion. We are assuming that you would not jump off a ten story building without a parachute because the results would really hurt to say the least. If you knew denying your children time to be with their father would result in hurting them, would you do it?


A mother can never give a child the love and protection that a father provides a child, whether she understands his role or not. If is often the little things that father does in the middle of the night, like making sure the house is safe and secure, kids are warm and tucked in their beds that often go unnoticed. Daddy comes with a big kiss in the middle of the night, that often goes unnoticed again because everybody is asleep. Great father’s are always alert even while they sleep, always watching and protecting. When there is a security issue, it is he who will be the first line of defense and the first to answer the call. He will give his life to defend his family. In reverse a father can never give a child the love that a mother provides because he is a man, so those who are parents cut the crap and put the well being of the children first.

Absentee Father or Father Figure

It has been noted that women who grew up without a father/father figure or even with a good relationship with their father’s lack the common knowledge and trust to understand just how important a father’s role is in creating balanced thinking within themselves. Trusting a man to lead the relationship is often difficult because these women have never seen positive stable examples. Many have missed the experience of love and protection that a father normally provides only to be replaced by the selfish desires of the mother for the attention of men. The errors of the mother are now passed onto the daughter who often becomes innocent prey to unsuspecting men.

Consequently in on fatal swoop, the mother has now destroyed the child’s foundation of trust that a loving father could have provided as well as the trust and protection that should have been provided by the mother. Where does it leave the child? All are a result of the mother’s failure to understand the nature of a number of men in our modern day society. A father would be able to better prepare his daughter for the hidden traps placed by deceiving men. He would recognize and point out their tricks. In fact, jus the fact that the man you are dating knows you have a caring and loving father will help protect you from the games men play. A man that is not trying to do you right will not want to meet your father. “I’ll pass on this one”. A father is child’s ultimate protector and source of strength. To continue read this article go to: www.HowToGetTheManOfYourDreams.com


-Relationship Coach Darius J.