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Dating The Insecure Woman Vs. The Secure Woman? Part 1

Men love women who are secure and loathe women who are not.

We know females do crazy things when they love hard. But all too often, these are based on fear. Fear will make you act crazy, so be sure to check yourself and please do not act based off your emotions.

Men often speak of their love in terms of action, instead of simply saying “I love you.” If you want him to say it, it would be best for you to express how you feel and tell him, “ I love you, baby.” Eventually, the words will come out of his mouth.

Have you ever met the girl or had a friend who is drop-dead gorgeous but cannot keep a man, because of her insecurities? (E.g., Halle Berry.) Ladies, your exterior beauty will not last forever. You have until you’re about 35 or 40 years of age, and for some, right after you have your first baby is when your physical attractiveness starts declining. You have to wear a little more makeup, buy a few more accessories, work a little harder at the gym, etc.– unless you have invested in long-lasting beauty and continued self-improvement.

Stop wasting your money on temporarily-beautifying items until you have invested in your inner sanctum, where true beauty lies. This is the stuff that makes the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD) fall in love with you. Trust our advice on this one. Look at some of the most beautiful women in the world and ask yourself why they are either single or go from man to man. They have everything material but still cannot find someone to truly love them. Money cannot buy everything and it certainly cannot buy love. Ask Oprah, Halle Berry or any other woman you look up to and consider to be a wealthy, successful role model.

89 Questions

Sometimes you have gone beyond reason and you are just looking for something to be wrong. If you have this problem, all your questions lead to an eventual interrogation. For instance, you ask your man while Skyping, “Why are you not wearing your shirt”? His response will be, “I am sitting here without a shirt because its hot. It’s 100 degrees inside and 102 degrees outside.” He will think this is a dumb question and will become irritated quite quickly if you persist.

A secure woman is not concerned about why he does not have his shirt on. In the same scenario, her focus is on complimenting her man as opposed to interrogating him. You can quickly change the energy by making a statement about how beautiful he looks without his shirt, and still achieve your desired outcome. Take your same question and reverse it. “Honey, you look so nice without your shirt on, damn. Give me some.” His response will be, “Yes, when are you coming home, baby?”

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