7 Sleeping Positions That'll Make Him Wish It Was Always Bedtime

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The Best Sleeping & Cuddle Positions To Turn A Guy On Using Body Language

Knowing how to read body language and other types of nonverbal communication is a great way to get a sense of your partner's true feelings.

Your boyfriend or spouse might have no trouble with reading your body language and picking up on physical queues in the throes of sex, but if you really want to know how to turn a guy on, there are some particular sleeping and cuddle positions you can try that are sure to excite the man of your dreams.

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In sleep, we are our most honest, vulnerable selves, and certain sleep positions can immediately evoke sensual thoughts and pleasures.

7 sleeping positions that are sure to convince your man to crave more time with you between the sheets

1. 'Eye' see you

This position occurs when you and your man face each other, seemingly gazing into each other's eyes, even in sleep.

This position allows for the two of you to touch all or some of the front of each other’s bodies. You have access to touch each other with your feet, legs, knees, torso and chest.

Men enjoy this position because they can easily see you, making sure that everything remains alright through your sleep.

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2. Cuddly-wuddly

In this position, your man lies on his back facing up, your head resting on his chest or shoulder.

This cuddle position is very intimate, allowing him the option to place his arms around you in a protective manner. He is turned on by the fact that the two of you are so close, and that you feel comfortable enough to nestle in his arms and allow him to protect you.

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3. Backward bear

In this position, you and your man sleep side-by-side, each curled up with the other in the fetal position. You have your man fully cupped around the back of his body.

This position excites men because everything touches: your chest to his back, your legs to his legs and your arms wrapped around him. This also gives you the chance to hug him with all of your might … it tickles!

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4. Forward bear

In a reversal of positions, Forward Bear switches the roles of the man and woman. This time the man is fully cupped around the back of your body.

This position is very steamy because in most cases, he parks his car right onto your driveway, so to speak. This position is not only intimately enticing, but it also allows your man to have a sense of security knowing that he has you protected in his arms.

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5. Twister snore

Although not particularly easy to pull off, this position is when both you and your man lay interconnected. You and your man completely wrap yourselves around one another with legs and arms.

This sleeping position is truly enjoyable because it adds a very intimate social aspect. You and your man get to bond face to face, literally, while cuddling the night through.

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6. Pillow fluffy

In this position, you lay on your back facing up and your man rests his head on your chest. Men love this sleeping position and swear that your pair of natural pillows are far more comfortable than any Tempurpedic.

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7. All those bright lights

In this position you turn adjacent to him, creating the shape of a T laying on its side, and your head is on his belly. This allows him to rub your head, run his fingers through your hair and fantasize what would happen if your face dropped just a couple more inches south, toward an area of his body that he has dubbed "Vegas."

And as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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