5 Ways All Men Want To Be Touched

5 Ways All Men Want To Be Touched [EXPERT]

Learning how to touch your man is essential to your relationship's success, growth and development. Many women do not know how to touch a man, and learning this skill is needed for a healthy intimate connection. Touching is a skill that, for the most part, has been forgotten and replaced with other activities, like shopping at the mall.

Most women just assume that because they are beautiful and smart, have a great body, know how to dress and have a great job that they have the full package men are looking for. But some of these "perfect" women have no clue how to properly touch a man. You can only be good at what you spend your time practicing. What men truly desire is as simple as being touched the right way. 

Unfortunately, women's failure to understand this will lead men to naturally seek the attention of other women who have mastered this sought-after skill. Ladies, this can't be purchased with a credit card. It can only come from within you. This is often the first reason why men cheat.

Most men can be quite cowardly and are afraid to hurt your feelings by telling you that you are lacking in some area of the relationship. They would rather avoid an argument and remain silent but in most cases, silence leads to an eventual separation. Women Have The Power To Help Better Men

Touching is obviously not just about sex, and it should not be something you do once a day. It should be done by both parties throughout the day. The five most-desired touches, according to our survey, are (1) hugs and kisses, (2) massage, (3) playful touch or tickling, (4) foreplay and (5) sexual touch.

1. Hugs and kisses. When you wake up with the MOYD (man of your dreams), your first thought should be to kiss and hug him. Even if he is asleep, give him a big kiss. These are the little things you often take for granted but that will carry your love through to eternity. We guarantee that this one act, if practiced daily, will greatly improve and in some cases even heal a broken relationship

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This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission from the author.