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10 years +


Los Angeles CA 90028 - United States



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Consultant, Family Coach, Leadership Coach, Parenting Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



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It starts at home - every child deserves to be seen, heard and unconditionally loved

About Gonan Premfors

Gonan is a pioneering coach and content designer and is part of the community defining how personal growth, coaching and human development is going to look like in the future. She has coached and trained entrepreneurs, business leaders, professional athletes and government leaders. In addition to her human development credentials, Gonan has an extensive record of founding, operating and managing a multitude of businesses across the world. She is the creator of the renowned Parentology/Relate, Trust and Open Heart programs run under Gozamm. Gonan brings a worldly perspective, an acute sense of reality and a fearless approach to helping people develop through growth. Gonan was born in Istanbul, Turkey, spent more than twenty years in Dubai, UAE, before moving to California in 2013. Gonan is the co-founder of Gozamm and owner of The Coaches Training Institute in Dubai, UAE. She has spoken at TEDxDubai and TEDxSantaCruz. She lives in Los Angeles.

Gonan Premfors Success Stories

Best investment I ever made in my family

The workshop was a birthday gift and it really paid off for all of us. And I thought I was doing a great job already! There is always room for growth!”more

C.G. Boston (Parent)

The Parentology Workshop in Boston

“Not just powerful but oh so important, every caring parent should experience this Parentology course at least once.... maybe more... there is a lot there! Thank you Gönan and Johan!”more

S.T. Boston (Parent)

San Francisco Parentology

“all parents and children can relate...most have good intentions...we get lost in our stories. Parentology helps immensely...I see my parents differently now and hold on less.”more

S.S. San Francisco (Adult Child) 

Parentology London

“I am also filled with gratitude and appreciation today for my parents. From a powerful new perspective. These two individuals who brought me into this world not knowing how to play the game of parenthood. No doubt scared witless and overwhelmed with this bundle of new life. New life who needed love, affection and attention 100% of the time….I won't beat about the bush-these last 3 days have been emotional and exhausting for me which might make you want to run a mile, but don't. Because the results are beautiful. As realisations land and new ways of looking at old patterns make sense-understanding and love grows. This stuff is magic.”more

P.A. London, UK 

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