The Four Keys To Relationship Success - #1 - Take Responsibility

Gloria MacDonald, of Perfect Partners, on Taking Responsibility for relationship success.


If relationships are so difficult, divorce is catastrophic, and the odds of staying together are so bad, why do we continue to get married or enter into long-term relationships? The fact is, it is our biological imperative. Even well past our child bearing years, mother-nature gave us the natural instinct to enter into relationships. It's the way we are wired.

Then why are relationships so difficult? Relationships are very complex and we are never taught how to be successful. We learn lots of other things in school but not to communicate and understand human nature. If we were never taught to read, reading would be very difficult. You wouldn't fly a plane without a pilot's license, why do we try to navigate relationships without a relationship license? We need to learn more about relating to, communicating with, and understanding one another. And, probably most importantly, we need to learn about and understand our relationship to ourselves.


The 4 Keys to Relationship Success are the 4 ingredients to creating the loving, passionate, intimate and successful relationships that you want and deserve. 

They are:
1. Take Responsibility for the Relationship
2. Nurture Your Relationship with Yourself
3. Understand Someone vs. Know Someone
4. Appreciation

Understanding, and more importantly, putting these keys into action is what will make all the difference in the quality of the relationships you have in your life. 

Key #1 - Take Responsibility for the Relationship

You are 100% responsible for your relationships. Now that's a bold statement that
might make you sit up and say "Wait a minute! I want a true partnership and isn't that supposed to be 50/50?" The answer is a resounding "NO".


We need to be 100 percent responsible for our current reality, whatever it is. We put ourselves in the driver's seat of our life only when we take total responsibility.
Otherwise, we end up as the perpetual backseat driver. Our problems start the minute we begin blaming others for them.

When we take responsibility we don't get involved in blame, shame, justifying or rationalizing.