7 Attitudes Of Successful Daters

Everywhere I go I hear all kinds of bad date stories.  I talk to people who are discouraged, frustrated, and depressed about the dating process and the prospect of ever finding their perfect partner.  I started to study the difference between people who didn’t find dating horrible and were ultimately successful in finding a partner, and people who were discouraged, frustrated and unsuccessful in the dating process. 

I discovered that there were clearly 7 Attitudes of Highly Successful Daters.

Attitude #1 = Open-Mindedness

Most of us have things that we think we’re looking for in a mate.  Your list probably includes characteristics, personality traits, physical attributes and shared interests that you feel are very important.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if finding a partner was as simple as walking up and down the aisles of a grocery store and pulling your choice off the shelf!

Finding a partner is NOT the same as grocery shopping!!  The most successful daters are those who are willing to remain open-minded to meeting a variety of people, even if those people don’t necessarily meet the criteria they think they’re looking for.  They understand that they NEED to be open-minded because no matter how much we work on our lists of what we think we want in a partner these lists come from the conscious mind and we can’t possibly predict who we’re going to fall in love with, because the "chemistry” everyone is looking for comes from the SUBconscious mind.

Many people say and believe that you need to be crystal clear on what you want, and you need to hold a very clear and specific image in your mind.  I agree, but what you need to be totally clear on is not FORM, but SUBSTANCE.  What someone looks like, how tall they are, what color hair and eyes they have, what type of physique they have is really all formSubstance is things like values, morals, and character.  These are the things that we should be crystal clear on and hold in our image of our wonderful relationship. 

I'll be writing more about The 7 Attitudes over the next 7 articles but if you want to find out more, visit my website at www.7attitudes.com.

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