How To Use The Cosmic ATM Technique For Problem Solving

If you are like most of us, there are times that you want to solve a problem, but you don't know how. I know that you already know the solution to most of your difficulties, and I'm going to teach you how to discover your answers easily and quickly by using what I have named the "Cosmic ATM Technique." These tips may be very similar to the advice of a life coach. When you use an ATM at your bank, you follow a three-step procedure:

1. You enter your PIN number and ask for a response (either a withdrawal or deposit).
2. You stand and wait, knowing that the efficient ATM is taking care of your business.
3. The machine returns your cash or receipt.

The Cosmic ATM three-step technique for personal problem solving is similar.

1. Write down a question about a problem to which you have no inkling of the answer. Make your statement clear and inclusive.

2. Read the question out loud as you close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in front of an ATM machine and entering that question as if you might enter your PIN. Think of tapping the display screen that will send it off to the "Cosmic Teller."

Then take a deep breath and let it out. You don't have to know the answer, but you have to be ready to receive it in a quiet state. Breathe deeply and wait in expectation.

3. In a short time you will receive an answer. It may come in one of three ways: a word or thought, a flash of a picture or shape, or a strong feeling or sensation in your body. (Some people tell me that they received the answer as a song title or lyrics). After that, start again using the answer you just received as a jumping-off point. If your answer makes sense, what would you want to find out next? Keep asking questions and receiving answers until you feel finished. This is what happened when Darla, a compulsive overeater, tried it.

Darla asked the "Cosmic Teller" why she had an embarrassing compulsion to eat from other people's plates. The answer was a picture of her mother. Her next question was, "What does my mother have to do with my problem?" She received the information that when she was a small child, her mother was always commenting on how much she ate, so Darla decided that what she ate from other people's dishes didn't count and wouldn't be noticed by mother's watchful eyes.

Once she understood the origin of her behavior I suggested that she use Heart Assisted Therapy to release her problem. All she had to do was create an affirmation and say it or think it as she sat with her hands over her heart until she felt at peace. She created this affirmation:

"Even though my mother's comments set me up to eat compulsively, I am now releasing the bad habit I have been practicing ever since that led to my problems with food."

Nicole wanted to let go of her perfectionism. She realized that one of her most destructive, negative beliefs was, "If I don't set the highest standards for myself, I am likely to end up a second-rate person." She wanted to get to the root of that belief so she asked the Cosmic ATM how young she was when she created it. The answer was 10 years old.

Immediately, a memory popped into her head. Although she was a very good student in school, getting excellent marks most of the time, Nicole recalled a scene where her father was reading her report card and remarked, "You only got a B in math." In that moment, she decided that anything less than an A was an embarrassment. Once she understood that a decision she made when she was 10 was still ruling her life, she affirmed:

"Even though that moment when my father criticized my report card, and I decided I had to get all A’s has caused me a great deal of pain, I am freeing myself from that belief now!"

As she sat in a meditative state with her hands over her heart she was able to let go of the guilt and shame she felt when she was 10. After a few more minutes of quiet she felt a surge of happiness about what an intelligent and capable person she actually was and had always been, no matter what grades she earned.

In addition, Nicole realized that in the fifteen years since she graduated from college no one had ever asked her what grades she got in her courses. They only wanted to know that she had graduated! She also let go of the resentment towards her dad as she acknowledged all the other ways he had supported and encouraged her over the years.

Try the Cosmic ATM Technique now. If you receive an answer that puzzles you, just ask the "Cosmic Teller" for the interpretation. This is a no-fault system. Be persistent. You can't help but get answers to your questions since there is a part of you that already knows the truth about you. Perhaps just knowing what happened and when it took place will be enough for you to let it go and replace it with a new realization.

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