Four Ways to Incorporate a Bold Style Into Your Wedding

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Wedding styles don't have to be boring.

The most wonderful thing about weddings is there are no set rules.  It’s your day and you can make it as unique and original as you like.  

Your Wedding Theme

Originality arrives in heavy doses when prospective brides begin thinking about their themes.  Some prefer a completely traditional wedding, some a wedding outdoors or even in a barn.  

Often, the theme reflects the season.  A spring wedding might be accompanied by a dozen varieties of colorful flowers.  An autumn wedding might use deep oranges and reds in its theme colors, along with the symbols of autumn harvest.  

Your theme sets the mood for the entire wedding.  It could be a princess or sweetheart theme, a masquerade party, even a pirate theme!  One ingenuous wedding planner used fishnets, plastic starfish, and a Davy Jones locker for a mermaid theme.  To keep it magical and mystical, the place was lit with buckets of wedding sparklers, such as the selection offered by this company.  Once you know exactly the kind of theme you want, you can dare to go bold.  

Let the Color Begin

Even a traditional wedding can be accessorized with a little bright color, adding boldness to your wedding arrangement.  A bright accessory, such as yellow or orange will stand out against neutral shades.  Carry the bright theme color into the wedding party accessories; such as trim for the bridesmaid’s dresses, ribbons, cummerbunds or ties, as explained at iWedGlobal, which goes into more detail regarding theme colors.

Carry your accessory color into the table decorations, contrasting it with the paler ornaments, and even add it to the banquet table.  You could have candies or macaroons bursting from their dishes in your bright, chosen color or add that bright touch to your wedding cake.  

Think Big

If you like the idea of bold colors, you don’t have to stop with a few conservative touches.  Add huge splashes to your table décor.  Frame that wonderful bride and groom moment under an archway, woven through with ribbons and flowers in that favorite color.  The contrast between the brightly colored archway and the bride’s beautiful, pale dress will be striking.  

Your Special Touch

Whether you want a traditional wedding or you want an unusual theme, your wedding needs that special touch that will personalize it.  This special touch is what is going to make it memorable.  It could be any number of things; personal wedding vows, a favorite song, a symbolic act or a specially designed guest book.  By letting your wedding planner know what your personal touch will be, the theme and design can be coordinated to make that special touch stand out.  

Modern marriage has gone bold.  Couples seek out the type of wedding that will have the most meaning to them.  Incorporating seasonal or holiday colors in bright splashes, and lighting the skies with fairy-like sparkles are the trend that is turning a modern wedding into a traditional one.