5 Traits Of Attractive Women Who Know How To Capture A Guy's Attention

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attract men with femininity

If you’re the kind of woman who is constantly dissatisfied and entangled in many failed and difficult relationships, perhaps you have to work on knowing how to polarize yourself with the opposite sex. 

See, feminine energy is the polar opposite of masculine energy.

For a romantic relationship to flourish, there must be the infusion of both feminine and masculine energy to it.  

The role of women, of course, is to take on the feminine energy. Most of you are unconscious of this. Meaning, you are not aware that you are exuding masculine energy and wonder why these men pull away, lose attraction or bail out along the course of the relationship.  

The truth is, you have both the masculine and feminine energies in you. However, these energies must be channeled in all the right places in order to bring satisfaction and balance to your life. 

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With regards to dealing with men, especially in dating, your feminine energy is the key and surely what a masculine man craves for. Chances are, the more feminine you are in a relationship the more he would want to be committed to you and, maybe, committed for life because a masculine man just can’t resist strong feminine energy.  

This is what men find attractive in a woman in her feminine energy:

1. She is leaned back.

A woman in her feminine self is just comfortable with the man doing the pursuing in the relationship or courtship stage. She lets him initiate a text message, phone call, or plan a date.

She never lifts a finger to move the relationship forward or row the boat to keep a man around. She just enjoys the unfolding of the relationship and following his lead. She attracts instead of chases.

2. She is so into the moment.

A feminine woman revels in the present moment. She is not so anxious about what the future holds because to do so means she is wanting to gain control of the outcome and "controlling" is a very masculine trait.   

3. She is selfish.

She nurtures herself without apology and her well being comes first. She doesn’t put any man on a pedestal because she understands that she is a goddess who deserves his love and devotion. She is not over-invested in a guy and is aware that such a move can be detrimental to her self-esteem.

A woman who is so feminine only mirrors a man’s investment. An example of this would be, not being loyal to a non-boyfriend. Instead of wallowing in pain or feeling frustrated towards a man who can't commit, she would rather date around and let other men woo her until someone claims her as his lady both in words and action. 

She enjoys male attention and lots of it.

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4. She is cool.

Please take note it’s "cool" not cold. The latter denotes apathy and this is not what I mean in any sense. A cool woman is a relaxed woman who has less turmoil in her being and is less anxious. She is the contrast of a ball busting or nagging lady. 

5. She is not guilty to receive.

A feminine lady is excellent in receiving from men or from life in general. Always remember that men are givers and women are receivers. If you want to hone your feminine allure, then you can learn the art of receiving. This will trigger his instinct to provide and thus will make him feel so masculine at his core. 

Conversely, it is quite emasculating for a man if you are more forward and more eager to give. So from now own workout those receiving muscles. Let him pay for dates, let him shower you with gifts. Give him the gift of feeling good every time he does something noble and nice.

Being a woman in a relationship is a wonderful gift. All you have to do is to relax and sit back and watch him display his love and devotion to you. How cool is that? As a woman, there is really nothing to do. All you need is to just "be" and watch how he moves mountains for you.

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Gem Villamin is a love and life coach, Feminine energy healer who teaches women how to become a high-value dream girl through counter-intuitivve methods.  She specializes on teaching how to deal with a noncommittal man, and healing broken relationships. Join her community called The Cleopatra Project, on Facebook, or sign-up for her newsletter to receive her free expert guide, “Decode A Man’s Heart: The Way To His Love and Commitment," and let Gem help you reconnect with your inner goddess today. 

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