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Friends Flirting With Your Man? 5 Tips To Handle This


By Sujeiry Gonzalez for GalTime
Dating Dilemma: Flirtatious Friends

I'm a possessive gal by nature. Just like Heavy D sings in the song "Nothing But Love," my motto is what's mine is mine. So, you can imagine the conundrum I've faced after learning that a girlfriend is flirting with my guy. 

Unfortunately, there are women who find a man much more attractive when he's attached. He has a ring on his finger? Ooh la la! He brings his girlfriend everywhere? That could be me! He whips out the photos of his kids? He'd be such a great father!

So, what's a girl to do with her flirtatious girlfriend? How do we guarantee that our man is safe when we take a pee-pee break? Here are some tips.

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When Your Friend Flirts With Your Guy: 5 Tips

1. Approach Her Head On: If you see your girlfriend winking at your man, sit her down and set her straight. Tell her that behavior is inappropriate and that she needs to respect you and your relationship.

2. Don't Accept The 'I'm Just A Flirt' Excuse: You speak to her and she apologizes profusely while claiming, "I'm just a natural flirt!" I call bull! Being a natural flirt means flirting with everyone. Unless your friend is flirting with the 95-year-old at the bar, do not believe her excuses.

3. Flirt With Her Love Interest and See How She Likes It: Going tit for tat may teach your friend a lesson. Sometimes we must show someone how they make us feel. She flirts with a cute waiter while you're out to dinner. When she least expects it, flirt with the waiter as well. She'll be surprised. She'll be upset. And that's when you relay your feelings (again) about her flirting with your boyfriend.

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4. Don't Bring Her Around Your Guy: You've talked to her. You've reasoned with her. You've flirted with every man she has her eye on and she is still flirting with your boyfriend. If you still want to keep the friendship intact, you have to keep her away. Spend time with her alone. Don't invite her to events where your man will be around. She'll be missing birthdays or game nights but it's the safer bet. Eventually, she'll ask why you've excluded her. And it's time for another talk.

5. If All Else Fails, Cut Her Off: If your friend continues her flirtatious behavior, she doesn't care about you, your friendship or your relationship. Sever the friendship no matter how much it hurts or how many decades you've invested.

Bottom line, women should respect each other and their romantic relationships no matter what their loins may dictate. Because what's mine is mine, and you can't have any.

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