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When Is The Right Time To Meet His Family?

When Is The Right Time To Meet His Family? [EXPERT]

By Relationship & Sex TalkJane Greer, Ph.D., for

Superstar Taylor Swift and boyfriend Connor Kennedy hadn't been dating long when he took her to a family wedding in August. This was despite reported requests that she not attend because some worried that Taylor's presence would steal the bride's spotlight.

That's a problem most of us don't have to worry about, but it does raise the question: When is it a good time to meet your new flame's family? And is it a good idea to attend a big family event early in a relationship?

A patient of mine was in this situation recently. She had been dating someone for a few weeks — and was over the moon about him — when he asked her to his best friend's wedding.

She was thrilled, to say the least, and read his desire to take her as a sign that he was really into her and wanted her to meet his inner circle. Not only was she flattered, but she attached great meaning and expectation to their blossoming relationship because of the invitation. 9 Surprising Places To Find Love

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Hearing her enthusiasm and high hopes, I was concerned about the possibility that for her new boyfriend, this was more about the upcoming occasion — and not wanting to go solo — than it was about actually beginning a serious relationship with her.

It is not unusual to meet someone around the time of a big event and have it in mind during those first few weeks of dating. In other words, the new excitement and romance which for her was all about getting to know each other may have been for him simply about having a great time at the wedding.

Perhaps his intention was to get to know her better, but his sister didn't like her, or his best friend gave her the thumbs down. Whatever the case, it didn't go well for my patient. After the wedding, she never heard from him again. 4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

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Sometimes the timing can't be helped. You have been dating for a short time and his sister just happens to be getting married next week. Or it is her older brother's birthday bash and everyone will be there.

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