4 Steps To Escape Your Sexual Comfort Zone

4 Steps To Escape Your Sexual Comfort Zone [EXPERT]
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By Jenny Tiegs, for GalTime.com

With Fifty Shades of Grey continuing to raise eyebrows and spice up sex lives, it's no wonder we are feeling a mix of pressure and curiosity to turn it up a notch in the bedroom. At first you may ask yourself if that's what your partner needs or wants, but then you may start to wonder if it's something you need or want. Simple Ways To Rev Up Your Sex Life

Maybe it's time to redefine who you are between the sheets. Sure, you know the moves that get the job done, but why not mix it up a bit? So, in the interest of stepping ot of your sexual comfort zone, here are 4 tips to do just that:

1. Get out of your own way. "Unlike most men, for women, the brain plays such a huge role in sexual comfort, satisfaction and release. The ability to let go is a critical part of the process," explains Darren Michaels, author of Flipside Erotica, Both Sides of the Story and featured guest on Playboy Radio.

This means trusting your partner enough to let your guard down and turn loose. When you can do this, new possibilities arise and according to Michaels, this is "key to stepping out of your comfort zone."

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2. Take it slow. Stepping out of your usual routine does not mean stepping into leather and bringing out the whips on the first night. Instead, take some small steps that you and your partner are comfortable with and have fun.

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Dr. Ramani Durvasula, a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology encourages women to "take a comfortable moment and reflect on your fantasies with the reminder that as long as you and your partner are safe and consenting, anything is game."

An easy first step is to just talk about what your fantasies are. "It's very sensual to talk about fantasy — even if they are not enacted," says Dr. Durvasula. Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style

3. Start talking! It is very sexy to open up to your partner and tell him what you like. "Rather than talking about the things you don't like, you can share what turns you on," says Dr. Michelle Callahan, a tell-it-like-it-is expert for Durex who believes the key to sexual satisfaction comes from open communication and a solid relationship between two people.

She suggests trying a new toy, having sex in a different location in the house, trying a new position or acting out a fantasy. Dr. Callahan believes these conversations and requests shouldn’t be awkward and can be a turn on for the both of you. Study: Talking Linked To Sexual Satisfaction

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