7 Ways Faking It Can Actually Help You Orgasm

Faking it is bad for you and your partner. But can you trick yourself to orgasm?

fake faces

Women who regularly fake orgasms during sex actually hurt their own ability to orgasm.

However, it's possible to use "faking" as a technique or a trick to actually orgasm.

Sometimes during a sexual healing session I would instruct a woman to fake orgasm sounds or even say "I'm coming." She would say "I'm feeling some pleasure, but i'm not really coming," but I would ask her to do that anyway, like a game.


After a few minutes of making sounds and shouting "Yes! Yes! I'm coming!," something would change in her movements and her sounds, and she would say "I'm coming! ... I mean, I'm REALLY coming !!!."

You see, in some ways, your brain is like someone who is locked in a room and perceives the external world through messages delivered via the senses.

When you deliver the right kind of messages to your brain, you can trick your brain to believe you are having an orgasm and your brain will send the messages to your body creating an actual orgasm.

When you are consciously faking an orgasm for an extended period of time, your subconscious doesn't know if it's real or not and it believes you.


Besides that, making sounds of pleasure is pleasurable. Even if there's no "real" pleasure, the sounds by themselves are pleasurable to make.

I like to refer to this technique as "FITYMI," which sounds like "fee-tee-mee." I sometimes joke that if you claim you're not orgasmic, you're faking it, because I know you are.

"You are orgasmic—So stop faking it."

Exercise—Fake it till you make it.

Do a self-pleasuring exercise with internal stimulation as explained here.

Right from the beginning of your session, do the following:

  1. Intensify and exaggerate everything you feel and express it with stronger sounds than how it actually feels.
  2. Pretend you are someone else—Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, or a porn star. Move, touch yourself, make sounds as if you were them.
  3. After you get somewhat aroused, keep exaggerating your movements and making strong sounds continuously. Moan and shout.
  4. Keep saying "I'm coming ... I'm coming ... I'm coming."
  5. You might feel silly or self-conscious. Remember you are playing a game and having fun. Keep going.
  6. Occasionally, pause and notice the sensations. Then keep going.
  7. You could also do something similar with a partner, but be sure to let him know that you are faking. Make a game out of it.

Who would have thought "Faking it" can actually make you more orgasmic?


Give it a try, and let me know how it goes.

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