Pros Of Vegan Condoms: The Healthy Benefits For Lasting Sex

Vegan condoms are more satisfying and healthy for lasting sex.


Yes, it’s true there are condoms that are certified vegan and no…you can’t eat them.  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian, vegan condoms should be the only ones you use.  What if you are not vegan?  They should still be the only condoms you use for the healthiest and most eco-sexual sex life you can have and here is why.

3 Reasons Why Standard Condoms Are Bad For Carnivores and Vegans Alike


1. They are tested on animals. Yes that lovely condom has been tested on horses and rabbits…oh my.  Several major brand condom companies continually test their condoms on animals.

2. They contain animal by products.  Most all conventional condom brands use milk casein on their condoms which is a form of curdled milk. This could also be problematic for anyone with a dairy allergy.

3. The lubricant on the condom is chemical based.  This is the primary cause of women getting vaginal dryness and/or irritation.  So many women think that they have a latex allergy when it is most likely the chemicals such as parabens, spermicides, etc. that are causing this reaction.  In fact the spermicide Nonoxynol-9, which is basically a type of detergent used to kill sperm and STD-causing pathogens.  It can’t decipher between the good guys and the bad buys, so with repeated use it will start killing the skin cells of the vaginal and rectal wall.  And this in turn makes someone even more susceptible to urinary tract infections and STD’s.


4 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Vegan Condoms Today

1. The manufacturing processes of vegan condoms are sustainable. Vegan condoms are sourced from a sustainable rubber tree and harvested with the utmost respect to the environment.

2. They‘re ethical and they give back. Most every vegan certified company donates a condom to an undeveloped country every time you buy a condom.


3. They actually feel better and not just in your heart…but on you and in her. Because the rubber is natural and the lubricant is natural these condoms almost feel like you have nothing on.  Plus they won’t dry her out and make her sore. We all know a dry pussy is a hurt pussy. And once she is hurt…all action stops.

4. They taste (after) better. No she still can’t eat them but guys love to snatch off the condom hoping for an immediate blow job. Nothing kills the momentum more than having to get up and wash the rubber tire taste off of your penis. Because these condoms are triple-washed there is no after taste. Some of the condoms come with natural flavorings so you can now taste like wild berry, blueberry or cola (damn I just gave up soda)!

So what brands do I recommend?  Here are just a few that you can get locally and online:  Glyde, Sir Richards and This is L . Condoms main purpose is to prevent pregnancy and disease. No condom will give you 100% protection on either.  It’s up to you to be informed about what and who you are doing. But just for fun, take a look at the video clip from Anchorman 2 that shows just how condoms can be seriously funny. 

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