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About Erin Levine

I am a Certified Family Law Specialist, and a legal innovator - combining tech, heart and good design to create client-centric legal services that allow people to gracefully transition into and out of relationship and evolve into that next version of themselves. I recently founded  Hello Divorce, a "Modern Break Up Service" that offers a  fresh, streamlined and less institutional (read: more humane) way to separate.We empower our users to navigate the divorce process themselves by offering instant access to the information and tools that (other) divorce lawyers don’t want them to have, providing easy to follow strategic instruction and on demand, flat fee legal services. 

I am also the owner of Levine Family Law Group and co-founder of Love & Real Life. Love&RL educates savvy women about the financial consequences and opportunities that come with marriage and how to best protect against some of the “what if’s” that come with the uncertainty of life through carefully crafted Premarital and Cohabitation Agreements.   


Check out the Hello Divorce website here 

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