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5 Ways A Body-To-Body Erotic Massage Can Awaken (And Transform!) Your Sex Life

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How Body to Body Massage Can Awaken Your Sex Life

Busy lifestyles, children, stressful jobs, and a lack of confidence can all affect your sex life, causing it to become stale. The passion in your love life can lose its sparkle at any time, so indulging in an invigorating treatment can be highly beneficial.

A body-to-body massage involves a massage girl rubbing her naked body sensually over yours to tantalize and promote an erotic release of energy. Although there are health benefits of a body-to-body massage, there are also many ways in which this erotic massage can awaken your sex life:

1. It gives you a boost of confidence.

Body-to-body massage is great for boosting your confidence in the bedroom. A lack of confidence can result in a decrease in intimacy, a struggle to perform sexually, and an overall lack of enjoyment. The sacred practice of body-to-body massage has been enjoyed for centuries.

With this massage, a trained masseuse will put you at ease and stimulate your whole body. A massage girl is highly experienced and understands the correct techniques to keep you relaxed. You’ll be able to unwind in the present moment and your confidence will grow as you begin to enjoy the sensational feelings of skin-on-skin contact.

2. It makes you more likely to orgasm.

An exhilarating body-to-body massage is perfect for those who want to experience an orgasm. While the overall goal of this sensual massage isn’t to reach orgasm, many men and women experience climax during the practice.

During a massage, your masseuse will focus on your erogenous zones to help you become sexually aroused. The wonderful feeling of skin-on-skin contact embraces the entire body to aid sexual bliss. A trained masseuse can help you fully unwind so that you can enjoy the experience and reach heightened pleasure.

3. It helps with ejaculation control.

For men suffering from premature ejaculation problems, a body-to-body massage is highly beneficial. Helping to prolong lovemaking, engaging in this ancient practice allows the flow of sexual energy to flow through you. This loving art helps you accept yourself as your body is stimulated.

You’ll be taken to the edge of heightened arousal and back again, which will give you back ejaculation control. Getting regular body-to-body massages in a safe and discreet environment, you’ll be able to enjoy sex again and take pleasure from intimate sessions with a partner.

4. There will be an increase in intimacy

A nude massage session can aid those who struggle with intimacy. Whether you’re lacking time with a partner or you’re anxious when in intimate situations, this type of treatment with a trained masseuse will help you enjoy the intimacy between two people.

Using soft candles, light, and luxurious body oils, a peaceful ambiance is created for you to relish the sensual contact between you and the masseuse. The caressing of the body releases sexual energy and you’ll adore the session so much that your stresses and strains of being in an intimate situation will gradually disappear.

You’ll become highly focused on connecting with another, that you’ll be able to engage in further erotic sessions with ease.

5. It gives you sexual freedom.

An erotic massage gives you the freedom to explore your sexual side. If you’re female, this arousing experience with a member of the same sex can be incredibly pleasurable.

You will be able to share an intimate moment with another female in a safe environment, without having to rely on a stranger or the complications of sharing this experience with a friend. A female-on-female massage can give you the sexual arousal you’ve been craving.

However, even if you’re male, you get to experience a stimulating act that you may have been desiring for a long time. If you’ve been single for a while, taking part in a thrilling body-to-body massage will let you release built-up sexual energy.

With regular body-to-body massages, you’ll become aware of how to stimulate your sexual senses and that of a partner. An erotic massage can help you be a better lover and prolong your lovemaking sessions.

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is an internationally recognized sexpert and author who specialises in the erotic art of tantra and tantric massage. Book a mind-blowing body to body massage with a Karma Tantric girl and satisfy your sexual needs. If you’re looking for a deep connection with a partner or to put the passion back in your life, you’ll be highly fulfilled.