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Canton MA 02021 - United States



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Practitioner, Sex Therapist, Yoga Teacher

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No mud, no lotus.

About Dr Elayne Daniels

Dr Daniels is a private practice clinical psychologist with a specialty in body image, eating disorders, and sexuality. She is a recognized leader in the field and  passionately integrates the best of what psychology has to offer. Using cutting edge, innovative techniques, Dr Daniels provides treatment to men and women, from the tween years through adulthood.  Dr Daniels is dedicated to empower people of all ages through individually tailored treatment plans. 

A long term yoga practitioner and certified yoga teacher, Dr Daniels has specialized certifications in Life Force yoga for anxiety and depression, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Color-me-yoga for children and adolescents. 

Fusing knowledge, humor, compassion, and practical content, Dr Daniels helps people create a life that aligns with their vision. 

Her office has been referred to as a peaceful, comfortable, healing setting in which real change occurs and continues beyond the therapy session. 


Dr Elayne Daniels Success Stories

From "no way" to "oh yes"

Women with sexual dysfunctions

Jenny (a pseudonym) presented with a history of low sexual desire. She hated her body and frequently complained about her 'fat disgusting thighs' and 'gross stomach'. She tended to diet during the week and 'eat whatever' on the weekend. A history of trauma haunted her, and she had low expectations that anything could or would improve. She reached out to me through word of mouth. more

By the end of the four month therapy, she became comfortable with the physical and psychological sensations of sexual interest. Her feelings toward her body overall went from 'super negative' to neutral.  She was no longer haunted by the trauma from her early adolescence. 

In her words, "Treatment was not easy. But it really worked, and I plan to return to Dr Daniels in a few months for the next level of treatment. I want to go from body neutrality to body like and know that I can with Dr Daniels' guidance. Why  not? Working with her has literally changed my life. No exaggeration."


Boston 25 News Interview

Recently, Dr. Daniels was featured on a local Boston news station. She was asked to give her expert opinion on a recently advertised PSA that isn't sitting well with some families. Click here to watch the full interview. 


Women dealing with stress

"Lissa" contacted me to address her intense anxiety about the impact of the Coronavirus on her husband and children, finances, health, career as a Nurse Practitioner, and daily schedule. She felt completely overwhelmed, especially with all the news she kept up with on social media, by email, and on television. She reported difficulty sleeping, lots of irritability, trouble concentrating, and restricting her intake and then overeating until she felt sick. more

We have met five times so far. She committed to a 'media intake' schedule of once daily, usually checking her news feed daily at noon. She does not check it at any other time of day or night. This boundary has helped her anxiety a ton. A TON. Next,  she has arranged to work from home part time, triaging calls, instead of meeting face to face with patients at the clinic full-time.

A portion of our sessions has been while walking outside together, maintaining social distance. The 'walkie talkie' portion as I call it has done wonders for her mood and has inspired a daily walking practice, often to begin day. She and her husband now go to bed together, and spend a few minutes of pillow talk time discussing their day. They highlight something they feel grateful for from the day and identify something they appreciate about one another from the day. 

Lissa still worries about her children, but the worry is 'more manageable'. She has valued the additional time she now spends with them due to working from home, and is enjoying the nightly board games they play as a family. She acknowledges concern about finances but is not "worried sick" about money the way she had been. 

Our next few sessions will highlight mindfulness practices, including meditation, breathing, and simple yoga poses to promote calm. 

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