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About Margaret Garvin

Often you search for relief from pain, chaos or confusion, only to feel temporary relief for a few days. You frequently wake up scared and sad because you've been hurt, humilitated or heartbroken. You lack courage, strength and motivation to move forward in a positive way. How many days and nights have you obsessed over a relationship, mentally going through past scenarios looking for signs that he or she doesn't love you the way you want to be loved? You may have even gotten to a point where you loath yourself for being weak, jealous or irresponsible.

Wouldn't it be helpful to have a person who listens carefully and caringly to turn to for help? Daily you struggle with problems in your life and you realize you need professional help to minimize the pain you experience. You have probably spent years trying to change your ways, thought patterns, and habits and you don't understand why life hasn't turned out the way you wanted or planned. 

I am known as a People Helper, a Psychotherapist (Mental Health Counselor). Smart clients have experienced challenging “life mountains” to climb that seemed insurmountable and come to us for help and courage to make their life journey.  Ascent Performance Consultants is about helping people perform their best life as they make the ASCENT to the peak of their personal mountains.

You have two choices: You can try to find happiness, peace, safety, and security, through people, things, activities, and substances.  OR you can make an appointment with me so I can help you find joy, peace, safety, security, feel lovable and worthy by learning to take care of yourself and positively, effectively share your love with others. I can offer you the courage to identify stumbling blocks, so you can climb over or around them and be guided  in a positive, productive direction. You will find things to laugh about, reasons to keep on going, and gain a new sense of hope during our sessions. Is it time for you to have "courage to create change" in your life?  If so, let's talk!

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