Case Study: A Unique Cause Of Depression

Case Study…A Unique Cause of Depression

My approach to health and happiness is "taking care of your needs." If you take care of your own needs, your energy is amplified, making more of YOU... to give to others; and when your happiness is amplified, you make yourself more attractive to others.

This is a story of a woman who was overcome with depression. In discovering her internal and external needs, she expanded her health and happiness in a very short time! 

A young lady with a 20 year history of depression came in for a second opinion several weeks ago. She would feel awesome and then go into overwhelming depression and crying spells. She couldn't connect to why the heck she felt so low, as there was no big stress or conflict that brought it on. What she did know, was that her mood swings were affecting her life, career, happiness, energy, and ability to fall asleep.

Her doctor evaluated her and said she was "fine" and was instructed to "try this antidepressant." It completely controlled the mood swings; in fact, she felt nothing! (Side note: There are cases of antidepressants resulting in suicide, and this is why…nothing to feel= nothing to live for!) She preferred her mood swings to the 'nothing', so stopped taking them.

My diagnostic process revealed very low cholesterol. Years ago, I came across a link between low cholesterol and mood disorders. For example, in one study, every person on death row in one particular prison, had cholesterol under 140. I found many other studies linking low cholesterol to homicide, suicide, violence and rage, depression, suicide, ADD, and memory loss.

Lesson: Your brain cannot function without cholesterol, and your weakest brain function will become extremely amplified. Irrational thinking can lead to murder or suicide. Upset and anger, becomes violence and rage. And the common connection is low cholesterol.

(Side note: The threshold of dysfunction appeared to be at a cholesterol level of 160, and the lower you go, the worse it gets. Some doctors think that cholesterol under 160 is their "healthy ideal," and will prescribe statins to push you lower than appears healthy for your brain!)

Back to the story…we also diagnosed hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar amplifies irritability! Low blood sugar causes a release of adrenaline to "save the day" to keep you from going into hypoglycemic seizures or central nervous system shutdown! And, it amplifies your irritability.

And finally, we discovered a sensitivity to "being ignored," which goes back to her childhood and feeling like everyone else's needs were more important than hers. Her family had "dramatic" illnesses and problems that taught her to become the "caretaker" and ignore her own needs and desires. 

We prescribed a liver glandular supplement and carnitine (an amino acid that helps the liver convert fat into glucose), a couple calming plants for the adrenaline, and the "energy of empowerment" which is like a force field of protection from other peoples drama.

The "energy of empowerment" is a vast shift from our normal response to drama. Typically, we offer reassurance and guidance, which is often not accepted or acted upon. I taught her to AMPLIFY the drama…"OMG…that sounds horrible, horrific, terrible, awful, disastrous, impossible, paralyzing, painful…" And then amplify responsibility…"What are you going to do?" 

The idea here is to leave the problem where it belongs—with the person having the problem. Instead of listening to the drama, request the next step; and empower that person to take action on their own problems. 

If you do this, you are completely insulated from the drama. If someone comes to you with drama, you simply say, "I thought you were doing XYZ…how did that work out…what will you do next…and next…and next, and next." If you follow this path, they may say, at some point, "I don’t know what to do!"  And there is your opportunity…"Would you like my advice?" 

Can you see the power? You have enough of your own problems…you can't get caught up in other peoples…AND it actually accelerates the person in front of you toward solving the problem (Win-Win!). In the end, you will become this amazing friend who helped your friend rise to their own life challenges! You will be more attractive, and less stressed in the process!

Four weeks later, and after 20 years of struggle, her sleep improved to an 8 out of 10 (from 1-2), with 10 being "incredible", her energy improved to a 9 (from a 5), and she reports feeling much more stable and happier.

I was so shocked at her change in demeanor in such a short time that I asked if she recognized how dramatic the change is. You lose 70 pounds over a year and everyone is shocked to see you at the family reunion, but you didn't see it because it was so gradual. 

She sees herself every single day, and the shift might have appeared more gradual. Nope, she agreed, it was a dramatic and fantastic transformation!

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