7 Sexy Ways To Celebrate Long-Term Love

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All it takes is a little imagination to keep your romance alive.

Every year, Valentines Day reminds us to celebrate romantic love. How are you going to acknowledge that special someone this February 14?

If you have young kids, or if you've been married quite a while, you may need some help priming the proverbial pump. Research shows that the juicy feelings associated with romantic love tend to fade after about two years.

Fortunately, all it takes is a little imagination to keep your romance alive. Here are seven fun activities couples can do to excite each other and bring novelty back into the relationship. Pick one or two that appeal to you, and discover how a little variety really does spice things up.

1. Pulp non-fiction. Each of you writes a couple paragraphs describing a sexual scene between the two of you — just as it might appear in a pulp fiction novel. Include some fun or romantic activities leading up to the scene. Be as graphic as you can about what each person says, does, feels, thinks and fantasizes. Then, take turns reading your scene to your partner and see what happens!

2. Save the last dance for me. Take separate cars and go out to a singles bar or dance. Make the rounds a little bit, talking and possibly flirting with a number of other people. After a while, find a way to approach your partner and introduce yourself as if you are meeting for the first time.

There is, of course, the understanding that the two of you will go home together. But the exciting part is you do not know when or how your partner will approach you. Be curious about your partner. Ask questions you have never asked. Try a new pick-up line. Play hard-to-get. Improvise, and be open to surprise.

3. Incognito. Go to any public place together — a bookstore, cocktail lounge, or even a shopping mall. As soon as you get there, you will each go to the restroom and come out as a different person. Take on a new persona or identity, such as a different profession or financial status.

If you're a highly paid corporate manager, for example, try becoming an unemployed massage therapist looking for a sugar daddy. If you're usually very confident and assertive, try acting shy and vulnerable. If you tend to defer to others, try being bossy or even bitchy. You might even want to dress differently. Afterwards, talk together about what you liked and didn't like about these new identities. You might even decide to keep some of these new characteristics. Keep reading ...

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