6 Tips (From A Doc!) For A Speedy Breast Augmentation Recovery

Feel better and look amazing faster.

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Fresh from surgery, what steps should you take after a breast augmentation? Here are some helpful tips for a quicker and safer recovery:

1. Don’t sleep face down for at least six weeks.

After surgery, the ideal way for breast augmentation patients to sleep is to lie on their back. Sleeping face down does not only cause implant deformation. It can also lead to the drooping of the breast. Likewise, sleeping sideways should also be minimized in the first two weeks because it may cause lateral displacement of the implant – or the movement of the implant towards the armpit.


2. Keep track of how “light” your activities are.

Too much exertion of your upper extremities after breast augmentation can be quite risky. In some cases, heavy lifting and other similar activities can cause bleeding and hematoma formation (or the leaking of blood vessels into surrounding tissue). It can also result in implant displacement. It is not advisable to do strenuous exercise and to lift heavy things during the first few weeks immediately following surgery. Gauge your movements every now and then, and make sure your blood pressure stays below 100. Ask your surgeon what activities you can and can’t do.


3. Refrain from smoking and drinking.

Your doctor may already have advised you to stop smoking and drinking prior your surgery – so what’s a few weeks more? You will most likely ease through your recovery process if you avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages for at least two months. Not being able to do so causes delay in healing – hindering blood from flowing freely in your body. Steering clear of alcohol and cigarettes also decreases the risk of bleeding and infections via drug interactions.

4. Avoid tanning beds.

Tanning beds greatly affect the results of your surgery — especially the scarring. If you want your incisions to heal faster, it is better for you to avoid going under tanning beds for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery. In general, artificial heat radiating from tanning beds has a negative impact on the quality of your skin, which may result to unfavorable and darker scarring. Avoiding direct sun exposure to your wounds will also be helpful in speeding up your recovery and minimizing the scarring.


5. Don’t submerge yourself in a bathtub.

You shouldn’t submerge yourself in bathtubs until your incisions are fully closed. Plunging yourself in bathtub water may introduce bacteria to your wounds, which may lead to infection. This also translates to swimming. Taking short showers is a better choice. Letting warm water beat down your chest will be helpful in making your muscles relax.

6. Don’t wear underwire bras for six weeks.

Underwire bras are likely to irritate your skin and cause your incisions to become inflamed. Friction and pressure brought about by the wire on the suture line may also cause pain and impede your recovery. So, it’s best to avoid wearing them until 8-10 weeks after your surgery. It’s safer to let your wounds heal completely before considering wearing underwires.


Everyone recovers differently, and there is simply no stress-free way to recuperate from breast augmentation. Nonetheless, a guaranteed way to recover is by religiously following your doctor’s post-surgical care instructions.