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10 Best Nicknames For Breasts

statue breasts

Can you believe #NicknamesForBreasts is trending worldwide? Leave it to Twitter to take "light-hearted" to an extreme. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness are our favorite 10 nicknames for breasts. We guess. 4 Facts About Breast Cancer That Will Surprise You

1. @BettyFckinWhite: The Golden Girls #nicknamesforbreasts

2. @TomfooleryTM: A nice front porch. #NicknamesForBreasts @yourtango

3. @SinceNinetyTwo: #NicknamesForBreasts Chesticles

4. @AFarouq: #NicknamesForBreasts Rodgers & Hammerstein because they make me sing

5. @BXTCH_Pleasex3: #NicknamesForBreasts: Biggie Smalls. Shxttt, one is always bigger than the other.

6. @SwaqofMyOwn: #NicknamesForBreasts tia and tamera

7. @ciplakayaklar: #nicknamesforbreasts Mary-Kate and Ashley, Storm and Lightning, Peanut Butter and Jelly.

8. @G14klassified: #NicknamesForBreasts - keep it simple - Big azz titties !!! #TittyTuesday !!! Lol

9. @Shazana94: Am I the only one who thinks #NicknamesForBreasts is a tad bit disrespectful? (Ed: Well, #8 certainly borders on it...)

10. @JLinitz: #NicknamesForBreasts "Melons! Get your big juicy melons!" "Are they firm?" "Thats for you to find out" #AustinPowers

If you want to do something real for breast cancer awareness, please donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Just for fun, tweet @YourTango with your favorite boob nicknames!