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In Defense Of Being Lazy: Why 'Motivation' And 'Drive' Are Overrated

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Rest tends to be associated with laziness, or as something that should only be taken after everything else is done. But I want to emphasize this: rest is just as important as everything else you need to do! It is an essential component of a happy and balanced life.  

So why aren't we resting more?  

Perhaps because the effects of chronic stress are not seen immediately.

When our bodies and minds are constantly under stress we begin to break down. Stress floods the body with stress hormones which has been linked to a weakened immune system, slow metabolism, inflammation, disease, decreased attention span, decreased productivity and creativity, impaired memory, fatigue, depression, and irritable moods ... and this is an abbreviated list!

Getting rest doesn't mean you're lazy. It means you're human.

Did you know that people who take vacations actually live longer? You don't have to break the bank though to reap the benefits. Have a staycation, but treat it as a sacred time to rest (that means you're not redoing your kitchen).

Put rest and stress reduction activities such as meditation, yoga, time outdoors, playtime, or whatever other restful activity you enjoy at the top of your priority list. Start giving yourself permission to take a day off, end your day a little earlier, and/or curl up with your family and relax to unwind. Find the balance. Give yourself a pedicure. Watch a good movie. Lay in a hammock. Spoon your dog. Take a siesta! 

Why aren't you already doing this for yourself?

Are you making time for rest, and if not, what's stopping you from prioritizing your wellbeing? What demands are you placing upon yourself that are limiting your ability to make you the priority? No one else is going to prioritize rest for you. In fact, it might be inconvenient for others. Remember that your job is not to make others happy. Your job is to make you happy.

So how are you going to rest this week?

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